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Diary meeting for teachers in Skuodas lithuania


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Erasmus+ project "Read in Europe"

Published in: Education
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Diary meeting for teachers in Skuodas lithuania

  1. 1. First training meeting for teachers in Skuodas Lithuania - 13-19 March 2016 Three participant teachers from each country Croatia Spain Italy Hungary Turkey ERASMUS + PROJECT 2015-2018
  2. 2. The school il Pranciskus Zadeikis Gymnasium Welcomed the teachers'delegations of the five countries with an introducing ceremony The students of the school performed a dance in traditional costumes and two students sang for the guests.
  3. 3. Italian team, the teachers Rossella Dardo, Daniela Maestripieri Rita Bruno Visiting the school with their colleagues Staff room Corridors Museum of history Museum of Craftsmanship
  4. 4. Meanwhile Lithuanian students are attending classes Doing tests … or waiting quietly in the corridors Working in computer room Doing assignments without teachers
  5. 5. Attending classes Students making us taste typical dishes… …and teaching us traditional games
  6. 6. Relaxation… … moments!
  7. 7. Working time
  8. 8. An extraordinary experience working together !!! The teachers from every country introduced in turn their class upon Aesop's fable, Androkles and the lion In particular the italian team dealt with post reading activities For ex.: To insert dialogues in the bubbles/balloons
  9. 9. Visiting Skuodas The Museum The Library We were received by the mayor at the town hall… …and this became an event on the newspaper
  10. 10. Visiting the region of Skuodas Mosedis: the Capital of stones The geological Museum The park of stones
  11. 11. The tundra
  12. 12. Klaipeda: the only Lithuanian town with a port in the Baltic Sea
  13. 13. The workshop at the Puppet Theatre in Klaipeda Klaipeda Puppet Theatre
  14. 14. Palanga Seaside resort town on the shore of the Baltic Sea The Amber Museum in the manor house of Counts Tiškevičiai Pieces with insects and plants trapped inside Surrounded by an amazing park of 100 hectares Palanga Amber Museum
  15. 15. Meeting‘s ending Students in the farewell ceremony Offering in the preview of their Theatre Workshop Dedicating songs to the teachers about to leave Organizing team games