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Radical logix's School Management Solution

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Radical logix's School Management Solution

  1. 1. Company Profile Radical Logix has created a unique identity with its Innovative Techniques, Technology and has en-route to prove its existence in the Software world and providing solutions to various business processes within Multiple industries  At Radical Logix, we would like to introduce ourselves in a proven scientific approach that delivers the benefits of effectiveness in addition to efficiency  We understand the unique need of individual clients, worldwide, to turn customer’s idea into working solution
  2. 2. Benefits of School Erp  360 View of School  Improved Control Over School administration ,staff and students  Centralised Processing  Quick Decision making  Easy Scheduling and planning of classes  Reduced Operating cost
  3. 3. Why Radical Logix ? User Friendly Cloud Based (No Server Dependency) Free and Easy Customization Free Upgrades Amazing Support Pay as you use Access anywhere Data Security
  4. 4. Available Modules Pre Registration Admission Staff Management Attendance Management Library Management Time Table Custom Reports Student Detail Fees Management Student Login Employee Login Sms and Email Alerts Holiday Management ID Card Generation Document Management CCE Format Result Exam Management Multiple Dashboards
  5. 5. Main PAIN Areas and their improvement
  6. 6. Pre Registration /Admissions
  7. 7. Features  Fully Automated Pre-Registration/Admission  Paper Less Transactions  Faster Processing: Queue management at registration desk  ID Card generation with high level code-39 barcoding  Multiple reports for management e.g. Date wise registration and admission report generated by single mouse click  Automated Admission id and Class-section assignment
  8. 8. Attendance Management
  9. 9. Features  Attendance Marked using computer or tablet PC  Significant fall in Manual Errors  Easy Access to attendance patterns for Management, parents ,students  Graphical reports of attendance can be generated on mouse click  Parents will get Attendance notification via SMS and Email  Holidays can be configured and reflected in online attendance register
  10. 10. Library Management
  11. 11. Features  New books can be added or removed from system anytime  Students can search for books online  Intelligent fine alerts and fine receipt generation on late return of book  Barcoding of books  Date wise fine collection report  SMS alerts to student / teacher on approaching due date of book return
  12. 12. Exam Management (CCE format)
  13. 13. Features  Subject Allocation to students  Marking scheme can be configured as per exam  Exams can be scheduled and launched  Parents , Students are notified about exam alerts via sms/email  Data of All examination are secured using user right administration  Roll List for exams can be generated for exam attendance
  14. 14. Student Performance Management
  15. 15. Features  Attendance , grades , health analysis reports of students  CCE format report card  Teachers can update marks of students on one click  Parents , Students gets alert of exam results via SMS/email  One click report card generation  Intelligent feedback to students using their previous performance record
  16. 16. Benefits for Admin
  17. 17.  Quick decisions based on real time data of every department of school  Maintain Academic and Financial data centrally  Issue Notice Board events online  More Effective communication through various channels like SMS /email  Statistical reports for a better analytical view.  Implement better improvement mechanism by getting analytics of school  Access school data anywhere while on move  Major alerts like fee collection , new student admitted via SMS/Email Benefits for Admin
  18. 18. Benefits for Teachers
  19. 19.  Update attendance on one click  Automated Report card  Upload and download notes / assignments for students  Computerised management of marks and grades  Discussions with parents and students can be done via Email communication portal  Calculation of total attendance , marks , percentage on one click  No more headache of keeping paper records safe, as all records are online  All reports of students , whole class are generated on one click  Less time and effort in management ,hence more time for students Benefits for Teachers
  20. 20. Benefits for Parents
  21. 21. Benefits for Parents  Get Attendance report of your child  Receive notices from school  Get alerts of fees due date via SMS / Email  Can interact with teachers and admin via communication portal  Access to student’s examination schedule , grades via online portal
  22. 22. Benefits for Students  Staying informed about the events and important notices in the college through their login account or SMS  Interacting with their teachers and the administration via communication portal  View Timetable  View Holiday calendar  View progress report  View Attendance report
  23. 23. Implementation approach Requirement Gathering GAP Analysis Blue Printing Customization of Business Processes User Training Testing Go Live 24 * 7 Support AMS*
  24. 24. Post Implementation Support Support Service Scope  24 X 7 Support  Manned telephone support  Monitored email support  Remote assistance using Remote Desk Feature List  Daily system health check
  25. 25. Thank You Once again we thank you on behalf of Radical Logix team, to give us the opportunity to present our capabilities and giving us your valuable time.