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House in Rayovo for sale


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House in Rayovo for sale

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House in Rayovo for sale

  1. 1. 3 flats House area: 105 sq.m. All area: 1149 sq.m.
  2. 2. Rural houses in Bulgaria are very diverse and everyone can afford to buy an idyllic farmhouse in the beautiful and tranquil villages throughout the country. For thousands of foreign buyers chose to have precisely such properties because they allow for a great vacation away from the noise and fast pace of the cities and resorts. In recent years, more and more Bulgarians are directed towards the purchase of rural properties - mainly for use on the weekends, where they relaxed after the stress of the working week. Rural property in Bulgaria offer something very important - they form a trip back in time when life was flowed at a slower pace, but the important things have been communicating with friends and family, nature, home-made food and other forgotten today time things. However, they are completely preserved in the Bulgarian villages and there you can enjoy the timeless and full of authentic Bulgarian traditions and customs.
  3. 3. 1 hour driving from the capital Sofia (1 300 000 population) 60 km from Sofia Center / 66km from Sofia Airport Capital Sofia - population 1 300 000 Sofia Airport http:// River Iskar & Iskar Reservoir http:// Borovets – popular Bulgarian mountain resort Dupnica – population 33 000 http:// Samokov – population 27 000 http://
  4. 4.  17 km from the popular Bulgarian Mountain Resort - BOROVETS 7 km from Samokov Town Samokov – population 27 000 Borovets – popular Bulgarian mountain resort
  5. 5.  17.5km from Belchin  35.5км from Sapareva Banya Belchin fortress Tsari Mali Grad Belchin – Spa Resort (Spa Hotel, Pools) population 500 Sapareva Banya – Spa Resort population 4 000
  6. 6. Property type: House with yard Area of the house: 105 m2 All area: 1149 m2 Floors: 3 Information: The house and the area are located in the end of South part of Rayovo, Sofia region, at the foot of the Plana mountain. Near to the house is located Palakaria River. About 50m from the house there's a bridge above the river. The area is ecological clean, and there live some permanent residents from England, Belgium and other European countries, who have chosen village Rayovo for their home. The all Area is 1149 sq.m., with flat field, regulated, with Electricity, water and draw well. The house is completed in 1992, with total floorage (РЗП) 105sq.m.
  7. 7. Description: There is a very beautiful view to the Palakaria River, Plana Mountain, Borovets ski slopes from the 2 terraces on the second floor. Borovets Resort is 17 km far from the Village. The Area is located about 70km from Sofiq - the capital of Bulgaria. We have plans, building permits and deed property. Directly from the owner. 1 floor: dining kitchen, two bedrooms, garage with steel doors, bathroom -st 2 floor: dining room and three bedrooms with two terraces -nd 3 -th floor: loft
  8. 8. Sofia Samokov / Borovets
  9. 9. Sofia all property Samokov / Borovets
  10. 10. Rayovo View from Plana Mountain Sofia Samokov, Borovets Rila Mountain
  11. 11. View from west road to Rayovo Palakaria River
  12. 12. View from the River Palakaria coast Palakaria River
  13. 13. View from the River Palakaria coast Palakaria River
  14. 14. Front View from the street Loft Room 3 of 4 2st Floor Room 4 of 4 Terrace 1st Floor Garage Entrance - Door Room – 1 of 2
  15. 15. Plana Mountain Entrance to the yard
  16. 16. East Side View Room 4 of 4 Room 1 of 4 East Side Terrace Room 1 of 2 Room 2 of 2
  17. 17. Draw Well
  18. 18. Back yard - 1149 sq.m Fruit and Green Trees
  19. 19. Back View the yard Toilet and bath room
  20. 20. Back View the yard
  21. 21. Back View the yard North Side Second Entrance to yard
  22. 22. West Side View
  23. 23. Street and Mountain View from the window of front second floor
  24. 24. Street,Mountain and River Palakaria view from the terrace of front second floor
  25. 25. Street,Mountain and River Palakaria view from the terrace of front second floor
  26. 26. Rila Mountain Street, Rila Mountain and nearby Ranch view from the terrace of front second floor
  27. 27. Rila Mountain Street, Rila Mountain and nearby Ranch view from the terrace of front second floor
  28. 28. Rila Mountain Street, Rila Mountain and nearby Ranch view from the terrace of East second floor
  29. 29. Back Yard Back side view to the yard from the terrace of East second floor
  30. 30. Palakaria River View to Palakaria River from the road in the front of the house
  31. 31. Borovets Resort Rila Mountain Palakaria River
  32. 32. Borovets Resort Palakaria River
  33. 33. Town Samokov Ski Runs Borovets Palakaria River
  34. 34. Rila Mountain Sapareva Banya Belchin
  35. 35. Belgian House Back Yard Viwe from Plana Mountain
  36. 36. Town Samokov Back Yard Borovets Resort Ski Runs
  37. 37. Samokov, Borovets View of Rayovo
  38. 38. View of Rayovo
  39. 39. Ski Run Borovets Borovets Resort Musala -The Highest Peak in Bulgaria - 2,925 m Located in Rila Mountain
  40. 40. Rayovo In the Winter
  41. 41. Rayovo In the Winter
  42. 42. Rayovo In the Winter
  43. 43. Rayovo In the Winter
  44. 44. Borovets Ski Runs view from Rayovo
  45. 45. Rayovo village is huddled cozy in Samokov field, foothills Plana Mountain and the banks of the River Palakaria. There is a breathtaking views of the majestic Mountains Rila and Verila. Legend says that long ago two brothers - Rayo and Hrelyo and settled with their families along the river Palakaria , and so were created villages Rayovo and Hrelyo ( today Relyovo ). But Rayovo, perhaps, suggest the more exotic the beginning of its name. The area has a lot of vil.Rayovo evidence shows traces of the Thracians, and then the Romans. Several artificial mounds, which suggest that Thracian and Illyrian tombs are of great interest, but have not yet been explored. In the neighboring village to Rayovo is started excavations and found shelter , but due to lack of funds the activity is frozen . The village is connected by a good class road that stops at him, which opens the panorama is beautiful, soft and magical. No traffic and is extremely clean . Rayovo will welcome and embrace the warm, will offer its tranquility and true peace. Population: 754 (2011) , Houses : 460 (2011) , Sea level: 970 m
  46. 46. Plana mountain is near to the town of Sofia. Its relief is a hill mountain. This is onе of its beauties. The differences in the height between two points seldom are more that 100 – 200 meters. The nature of Plana mountain will capture you – there are a lot of pine and mixed forests, bet there are also a lot of open spaces. Through the spring you can enjoy to the indescribable beautiful views – vast meadows with fresh green grass. From the higher point you can see fascinating views to Vitosha mountain and to the snow slopes of Rila mountain. Also if you visit Plana mountain , you can see the Dolnopasarel Monastery, and its exquisite paintings. Near the house is the river Palakaria. Its length is 39.2 m from the peak Kupena at Vitosha and flows into the Iskar river. The river divides the village just 2 parts. On one side is a hamlet "Razhevete" and "Swamp" and the other "Below", "Lago", "Strets village" - center, “Top place”. Rayovo village lies at the foot of the southern slopes of the mountain Plana and is very convenient for walking, hiking and wonderful lunches fire. Just 2km walk will take you to the beautiful meadows and forests of the mountain. Walk you can do with the car, but I miss the smell of flowers, the breeze and the song of crickets. Plana is small and medium-height mountains in western Bulgaria. Manastirishte is its highest peak - 1338m. Mountain is accessible from all villages. There are many unmarked easy transition paths. The road from Rayovo that leads to the mountain allows for many outings porazlichni routes. Plana is one of the most popular mountains for mountain biking, and recently a growing interest in going offroad enthusiasts.
  47. 47. Samokov is the first nearest town to Rayovo (7km distance). It is a town in Sofia Province in the southwest of Bulgaria with 27 000 people population. It is situated in a kettle between the mountains Rila and Vitosha, 55 kilometres from the capital Sofia. Due to the suitable winter sports conditions, Samokov, together with the nearby resort Borovets, is a major tourist centre. In the past, Samokov was a centre of handicrafts and art, with notable figures like Zahari Zograf, Hristo Dimitrov and Nikola Obrazopisov. The town's name is a compound word of "samo" and "kov", respectively meaning "self" and the root of the verb "forge, hammer", and comes from the samokov, a mechanical forge powered by water, since the town of Samokov was a major iron producing centre during the Middle Ages. Here you can find: Big supermarkets (Billa, T-Market) Other supermarkets Cloth stores Mall Bars Cafès Disco Big sport hall
  48. 48. 17km from Rayovo Borovets is the oldest Bulgarian winter resort with a history that dates back to 1896. Borovets was originally established at the end of the 19th Century as a hunting place for the Bulgarian Kings. Borovets gradually developed into a modern ski resort with hotels, restaurants, bars and a network of ski runs and lifts along the slopes of the Rila Mountains, providing for a whole range of winter sports. The resort has twice hosted World Cup Alpine Skiing rounds(1981 and 1984), while the Biathlon track is one of the best in the world.
  49. 49. For your winter holiday resort of Borovets, just the 20th minute of the village, offers skiing , snowboarding, cross country skiing , snowmobiling , skiing at night, ice skating or just downhill sledding. For summer break you can walk within the Rila Mountains and visit the incredible Lakes and Musala (the highest peak in Bulgaria, 2925.40m) There are many fishing opportunities. “Iskar” Reservoir is one of the places where fishermen can enjoy the hobby, and everyone else have fun practicing water sports or just make beach . It is possible to hire a boat , paddle or jet . River Iskar & Iskar Reservoir http://
  50. 50. Nearby are water complexes "Belchin" and "Belchin park" where are available two swimming pools with mineral water, sun loungers and parasols. Halfway between these two complexes is complex "Belchin Garden" with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, spa center, many attractions - mini football, beach volleyball, basketball, tennis, go-kart track, Horse Riding, etc. Belchin – Spa Resort (Spa Hotel, Pools) population 500
  51. 51. Another interesting place to visit is the restored castle " Tsari Mali Grad" (translation: The small town of the king) It is located near the village of Belchin. The walls of the fortress with five meters high towers were plastered with white plaster were visible from Vitosha and all Samokov field and it looks like a Tsarigrad, hence the name (small Tsarigrad). Belchin fortress Tsari Mali Grad
  52. 52. Dupnitsa, is the second biggest town near Rayovo, about 44km distance. It is located in southwestern Bulgaria. It is at the foot of the highest mountain in the Balkan Peninsula – the Rila Mountain, and about 65 km south of the capital Sofia. Dupnitsa is the second largest city in Kyustendil Province and in the first half of the 20th century Dupnitsa was bigger than the current administrative centre Kyustendil. Dupnitsa is referred to as "The Green and Shady Town", because of its location which makes it quite shady in summer and due to the abundance of trees in the town. Dupnitsa is that is often called "The Little Italy of Bulgaria". This nickname comes from the fact that many inhabitants have gone over the years to work and live in Italy and every summer they return to their hometown. A large part of the immigrants from Bulgaria in Italy are from Dupnitsa, possibly being the majority of Bulgarian immigrants in Italy. According to an anecdote, when people from Dupnitsa once asked Italians "Which is the capital of Bulgaria?", the ignorant Italians answered: "Is it Dupnitsa?". Here you can find: Big supermarkets Other supermarkets Cloth stores Mall Bars Cafès Disco
  53. 53. You can easy rent a car from the Sofia Airport. Here you can see the offers:  =sof-H9YUDVljLAeyCiFkPuKj2gS13471914143&ws=&gclid=CID4qImh3boCFU5a3godWFMAtg   The prices are about 15-30 Euro per day – Economy Class