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Swot analysis-Human Resourse


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Handicap International - SWOT Analysis for its Human Resource Management

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Swot analysis-Human Resourse

  1. 1. S.W.O.T.ANALYSIS–Hi IndiaHuman Resourse andPolicies Presented By : Suchitra Kamal Annie Aartee and Radhey
  2. 2. Strengths Committed & Qualified Human Recourses Pay Policy Capacity Building plan Less expats Indian expats are more in HI – worldwide.
  3. 3. Weaknesses Recruitment Process (Strengthen & Need based) Correspondence between the policies Diversification of profile Turnover Gender/ disability Sensitivity Budget constraints Accessible website
  4. 4. Opportunities HR Policies – to correspond with the other policies Staff retention policy Diversification of profile Recruitment Process Gender Sensitivity Disability/ inclusive aspects
  5. 5. Threats Staff Turnover De motivation Impact on Programme
  6. 6. Thank You
  7. 7. Input From Staff Exit interviews – do be documented and give Contingency – staff to perform different roles. ( deploy for e.g- emergency) Cost – better pay, less staff? Staff welfare to reduce staff turnover Not just pay packages, but other things too such as capacity building, etc Less scope for promotion from non-technical background ?