Blind students learning centre


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Blind students learning centre

  1. 1. Advanced Technology Blind students Learning Centre,Department of Education and Extension,University of Pune. 10 Feb 2008Objectives:• To provide disability support service for visually challenged students studying Various academic departments of Pune University and affiliated colleges of the university jurisdiction.• To make course material accessible required for visually challenged students and provide educational and work place solution to them.• To solve education and career related problems of visually challenged students by undertaking various ambitious projects such as developing book reading softwares in vernacular languages, modification of screen reading software and other assistive technology for better use etc.• To explore new possibilities and fields where visually challenged students can make their career and work efficiently as well as independently by collaborating our university with several non government organizations, private industries, research centres and universities working in this field for conducting collaborative research.The centre has two wings:A computer lab and a talking book library. 1. Computer lab: It is a specially equipped lab consisting advance computer systems with full netconnectivity loaded with screen reader / talking softwares like JAWS, Kurzweil, talking typingteacher, spell well, Ubuntu Linux screen reader etc specially designed for visually challengedpeople to provide independent computer operating ability and internet access. 2. Talking book library: We have collection of around 70 audio books of arts, commerce, law and competitiveexams.Program:-  Certificate course in computer application  Educational rehabilitation scheme  Teacher preparation schemes for special education
  2. 2. Achievement:- 140 Visual Impaired Students trained by the centre. 70 out of them, they were trained in six months duration program. Remaining 70 got the one/two day duration program. 10 VI students placed in different field work e.g. Bank, Railway, Corporate, LIC etc.Support service activities:  We are arranging readers and writers for registered students of the centre.  We are also providing accessible study material in the form of electronic text, Braille, audio CDs etc to registered visually challenged students.  Learning-aids like mp3 recorders, head phones, Braille slates, Braille geometric set, abacus etc. are also provided to our students.  Centre provides free educational software (open source software) to registered student at their home with free installation service.The centre have solved problem of writers of visually challenged students of the university.Research activitiesCompleted Projects:  Development of website of Advance technology blind students learning centre  Study of educational and career prospective in science and technology for visually challenged On going projects:  Development of online library system  Comparative Study of screen readers  Study of socioeconomic status of visually challenged students in pune university jurisdiction  Development of computerize course management system  Study of rights of visually challenged people in Indian context and international scenario  Study of contribution of corporate governance in advancement of visually challenged peopleEducational and Career counseling: It is a big problem for visually challenged students to choose their career. They have lotof apprehension and uncertainty regarding to their future.