Surf and trend watching


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Some ideas on Innovation processes that can be inspired by surf.

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Surf and trend watching

  1. 1. surf & trend watching
  2. 2. surf seems easy from the sand
  3. 3. It is by no means easy. Anyone who tried it knows how hard it gets after failing a couple of times... less than 10 minutes.
  4. 4. Why does that happen? Why can’t one with much more schooling than the average surfer be incapable of self-balancing on a board?
  5. 5. maybe it’s a matter of approach it grabbed my attention some years ago and led me to examine their behavior. Let me share this story with you.
  6. 6. 1. As surfers reach the shore, their boards are laid aside, no matter how eager they are to join the waves. They just stop and wait, staring at the sea.
  7. 7. ganja that’s no side effect of they are just trying to catch the big picture: wave size, its strength, format, wind conditions... those things.
  8. 8. surfese is shop talk. filled of jargon related to relevant info on what isn’t visible: tips, challenges, support. Like all professional conversations, it sounds very boring to the outsider.
  9. 9. 2. After a little chat, walk they start to searching for a place where the waves look good and it’s easier to swim past them. The sea isn’t the same everywhere.
  10. 10. wait When they get there they sit and and wait. Sometimes even refuse good waves that come their way.
  11. 11. sitting there they are watching the waves from a privileged position. There are no coincidences. They have to be in the right place at the right time.
  12. 12. and the sea almost never lets them down.
  13. 13. It may seem like happening by chance but it hadn’t. It can’t. Not that many times.
  14. 14. Even when riding a perfect wave, most surfers jump out of them before they are over. Why that waste?
  15. 15. By not riding until its very end, they are restart at a better place to Surtfing until they hit the sand means a long, worthless way back.
  16. 16. 3. Have you realized surfers are never alone? No matter how great it is to ride solo, they always wait in groups. It’s safer this way.
  17. 17. 4. (now we’ve got to that time when it gets pointless to remind you how you’ve tried to approach the waves. I’ll skip this part if you don’t mind :)
  18. 18. 5. surfers flow with the sea. They wouldn’t dare trying to control them.It’s very Zen.
  19. 19. the same flow happens with rock climbing, paragliding, diving, sailing...
  20. 20. ...and trend spotting
  21. 21. The ebb and flow of trends that emerge from the social mesh is as unpredictable as the ocean.
  22. 22. knowing much of social sciences might help, maybe not. It may obscure perception due to excess knowledge. Surfers aren’t meteorologists.
  23. 23. Like the sea, it’s useless trying to control or to predict trends. It’s also stubborn to believe they are there to be followed until their very end.
  24. 24. that’s the source of their beauty Imagine how boring it would be to surf predictable, risk-free waves.
  25. 25. By simply observing the environment, feel a good surfer can the right waves coming and achieve the best out of them.
  26. 26. It may not get you anywhere. Most waves don’t. Tourism also doesn’t get you anywhere, for you always end going back home.
  27. 27. But it is undeniable that these activities increase your awareness reflexes vision which is priceless and addictive.
  28. 28. Trend watching, like surfing, is good for your mental health, even if your professional activity doesn’t demand it (oops, all demand)
  29. 29. By spotting trends regularly you may end up with a privileged, innovative, ageless point of view. How cool is that?
  30. 30. thanks for watching. Now it’s time to restart. aloha I would say if only I knew what that meant.