How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generator


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Report sets out to convince readers with a biomass/ biowaste source that they can and should operate a successful, and profitable, biogas generator/ anaerobic digestion plant.. Why now is the time to build your biogas generator.

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How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generator

  2. 2. HOW TO BECOME AWEALTHY BIOGAS GENERATOR Why Now is the Right Time for We warn you not to wait for long. If you sit on the fence the bio-wastes which are now Biogas from Waste: Convincing available, will all have been snapped up Potential Anaerobic Digestion and gone, leaving the latecomers to Plant Owners That They Really scramble after the left-overs. Can Successfully Operate a Disclaimer Biogas Digester Reasonable care has been taken by the When businessmen look back they often authors to ensure that the information identify a particular time which was the presented in this book is accurate. right time to invest in a technology, and However, the reader by reading on any cite businesses which “rode the wave” to further shall be deemed to have read grow into greatness by spotting such an and accepted the following terms. opportunity. These same people spend much of their business lives looking for Terms of Use: No Liability: this book is that window of opportunity. supplied “as is” and without liability. All warranties, express or implied, are If you are such a person this report is for hereby disclaimed. The information you. In this report we have set out to show provided does not constitute advice of you that the opportunity right now, which any kind. exists for those that invest in biogas production by anaerobic digestion, is an Copyright © 2012 by IPPTS Associates. All opportunity which has found its time. Rights Reserved. The lucky few that get into this NOW, are entering the opportunity of a lifetime. If youIntroduction have even the faintest interest in the concept of producing sustainable Inside this report, you will learn: renewable energy yourself, we implore you to spend the time to read this report RIGHT 1. The Potential for NOW! 2
  3. 3. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generator Renewable Energy from 1. The Next Step in Biogas: How the energy that is Integrating Biogas Into the released from the combustion allows the gas to be converted to biogas and Petro-Economy Cleaning used as energy. In other countries, Raw Biogas Into Usable biogas is used for heating and for cooking. In the modern world, the gas Natural Gas - Biogas can be used in waste management Upgrading and in running heat engines in order to generate electrical power and Technology: Digester systems that convert waste material into mechanical power. More importantly, biogas are becoming more prevalent biogas can be condensed just like throughout the world. Rural farmers other types of gases and used to run now have a means to produce good cars. quality fertilizer and biogas from2. Watch Out for China - waste materials like manure in a Biogas in China Didn’t Stop cheap renewable way. After Powering the 2008 2. How Making Biogas is Olympic Torch: China is Simple Takes Only Three playing a lead role in the area of Basic Steps: There are biogas using processes by which we numerous different desired goals that can turn our waste, animal waste and men and women may have. For food waste into a high-end, usable whichever good reasons, some people commodity. The subject of using fecal wish to make biogas. It is a relatively matter as an energy source ranges frequent choice. There certainly is from taboo in some societies to wide good news for people who decide acceptance and utilization in others. upon this goal. It is not at all difficult In China, it fits into the latter to attain, once you know just what you category. Heres what Chinas National are doing.. Development and Reform Commission 3. How to Make Biogas from has on the books for biogas. Food Scraps at Home: Setting out to succeed with making biogas from your family food scraps, at home, is a great way to gain confidence in the technique for anyone considering buying a biogas plant for their farm or supermarket (e.g. sponsor an undergraduate student to do this with your food 3
  4. 4. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generator waste), but make sure you choose the right path and do things correctly.4. Exploring the Potential for Renewable Energy from Biogas Biogas is a type of fuel that is produced biologically through the breakdown of organic and naturally occurring matter in the absence of oxygen. The gas originates from biological matter. There (Zorg Biogas) are many types of biogas. In countries such as Sweden, biogas is One type is produced by fermentation of used to power trains. A biogas run train ecological materials like sewage, green operates between Vaestervik and waste, municipal waste, biomass, Linkoeping. The train is generated with manure, and energy crops. Such a type energy that is derived from sewage and of gas comprises of carbon monoxide, animal waste. The reason why Sweden hydrogen and nitrogen. These can be has adopted the gas as a form of energy oxidized or burnt with oxygen. for its large motor vehicle industry is that the gas has been shown to generate The energy that is released from the less carbon dioxide emissions compared combustion allows the gas to be to other forms of diesel such diesel. The converted to biogas and used as energy. country produces the gas from alcoholic In other countries, biogas is used for beverages that have been confiscated by heating and for cooking. other agencies. Most industries also concentrate the Methane gas that is In the modern world, the gas can be found in biogas through biogas upgrader used in waste management and in to standards such as natural gas. The running heat engines in order to resulting product known as biomethane generate electrical power and is then used in the local energy mechanical power. More importantly, distribution centers and in the pipeline biogas can be condensed just like other industries. Further, biomethane is types of gases and used to run cars. In compressed and concentrated where it is countries such as the UK, biogas is used in the transport industries to power reportedly extensively used in the motor vehicles. industry to run motor vehicles. It is reported to have replaced about 17% of Other investors such as Bates motor vehicle energy. transformed their cars in order to power them with biogas energy. Short 4
  5. 5. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generator documentaries that were produced in Stop After Powering the early 1974 show the simple benefits and process of powering cars using biogas. 2008 Olympic Torch The documentary showed such gas being used to power vehicles for periods as China is playing a lead role in the area of long as seventeen years. In countries biogas using processes by which we can such as India, biogas is used to generate turn our waste, animal waste and food a gas known as gober gas. Gobar gas is a waste into a high-end, usable form of biogas that is made from animal commodity. The subject of using fecal waste. It is also made using various matter as an energy source ranges from household plants. In other countries taboo in some societies to wide such as Pakistan, the government offers acceptance and utilization in others. In about 50% funds that are used in the China, it fits into the latter category. creation of gas chambers. The Heres what Chinas National flammable methane energy gas that is Development and Reform Commission generated from the process is usually has on the books for biogas. smokeless and odorless. This makes it quite economical in environmental In China alone there are a billion and a sustenance. Due to this, the gas is half people with just as many livestock, largely used in the motor vehicle poultry and garbage dumps all providing industries to power vehicles making true methane feedstock daily. Its hard for the assertion that biogas could be the China to sidestep the idea of turning fuel that will be used in powering most something that was discarded into a vehicles in the near future. commodity for electricity generation. China plans to have an installed capacity Have a fun and safe time on the road, of bio-energy projects reaching and visit us to find the best deal on the 5.5million kilowatts by 2010, but insurance coverage you need. Get jumping to 30 million kilowatts by money-saving tips, free quotes for 2020, a 600 percent increase in the affordable auto insurance and helpful next 11 years. recommendations about your automobile policy at Auto Insurance Rates Direct today. Article Source: i_Quinn1. Watch Out for China - Biogas in China Didn’t 5
  6. 6. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generator costs that must be passed along as higher food prices. You could open Pandoras Box when explaining how oil-dependent the farming, transport and processed food production industries are. Increased transportation costs to move food stuffs from field, to factory to your plate. Fertilizer and pesticide rely on natural gas and oil based chemicals for production, and farm machinery is run on liquid fossil fuels. The simplest equation is: Higher crude oil prices = Higher food costs. China began using biogas digesters in earnest in 1958 in a campaign to exploit the multiple functions of biogas production, which solved the problem of the disposal of manure and improvedBiogas is a combustible mixture of gases hygiene. During the late 1970s and earlyproduced by micro-organisms when 1980s the Chinese government realizedlivestock manure and other biological the value of this natural resource in ruralwastes are allowed to ferment in the areas and this was the first importantabsence of air in closed containers. The step in the modernization of itsmajor constituents of biogas are agriculture. Six million digesters weremethane (60 percent), carbon dioxide set up in China, which became the(35 percent) and small amounts of water biogas capitol of the world incorporatingvapour, hydrogen sulphide, carbon the China Dome digester which is stillmonoxide and nitrogen. Biogas is mainly used to the present day, especially forused as fuel, like natural gas, while the small-scale domestic use. Chinasdigested mixture of liquids and solids 2003-2010 National Rural Biogasbio-slurry and bio-sludge are mainly Construction Plan is to increaseused as organic fertilizer for crops. biogas-using households by a further 31Chinese companies are now finding million to a total of 50 million, so thenumerous other uses for biogas, rate of use would reach 20% of totalbio-slurry and bio-sludge in China. rural households.This development touches on an By the end of 2006, the total number ofimportant aspect of Peak Oil: in a peak families that use biogas reached 22oil world there will be less fertilizer million, with a total annual biogasproduction and therefore higher fertilizer production of about 8.5 billion cubicprices, which means higher farming metres and had built biogas pits for 22 6
  7. 7. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generatormillion households in rural areas, and interest in medium and large scaleprovided more than 5,200 large and biogas plants and integrated agriculturalmid-sized biogas projects based around and agro industrial biomass with wastelivestock and poultry farms. The typical handling plants to reduce watereight cubic metre biogas pits are able to pollution.provide 80 percent of the necessarycooking energy for a four-member family, To facilitate the usage of biogas theaccording to The Energy and Zoology government had set up biogas technicalDivision inside the Ministry of training courses in Shanxi Province andAgriculture. By 2020, about 300 million in 2005 trained 6,000 farmers, 4,000rural people will use biogas as their main of which gained National Biogasfuel. Professional Technician Certificate. The Ministry of Agriculture whichDuring the current, 10th, Five Year Plan, administers The Chengdu BiogasChina is developing 2,200 grid power Scientific Research Institute (BIOMA)biogas engineering projects for wastes also operates an international trainingfrom intensive animal husbandry and and research center in Chengdu,poultry, treating more than 60 million Sichuan Province. Farmers from Yunnantonnes of manure a year, thats in Province that graduated from the courseaddition to the 137,000 installed are experimenting with a "four-in-one"digesters to treat sewage. According to biogas plant that incorporates a pigpenThe Chinese Academy of Sciences and and a household latrine to provideGeography, the total annual production feedstock, then uses methane to heat aof manure and night soil could greenhouse for growing vegetables andtheoretically generate about 130 billion raises carbon dioxide within thecubic metres of methane, equivalent to greenhouse to boost plant yield.93 million tonnes of coal and 80percent of industrial wastewater can also Biogas feedstock programs throughoutbe used to produce methane. The China are just beginning to utilizenumber of large scale grid power scale industry waste from other sources;plants are planned to increase to alcohol production and paper mills.30,000 by 2030, a 15-fold increase. Tianguan Alcohol Factory, which consumes two million tonnes ofAs the idea of cleaning up the shop-worn grains per year to produceenvironment starts to take traction in denatured alcohol, is now recycling theChina, dealing with sludge from urban dregs of the distiller to produce biogas inand industrial wastewater treatment that a 30,000 cubic metre digester,has traditionally dumped into landfills, supplying more than 20,000 householdsoceans and waterways is taking center or 20 percent of Nanyang citysstage with a catchy campaign "Recycle population.Waste into a Resource". The Chinesecentral government is showing great Hongzhi Alcohol Corporation located in 7
  8. 8. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas GeneratorMianzhu, Sichuan Province which is the find crude oil substitutes to supply baselargest alcohol factory in south-western chemicals for industrial andChina, uses its industrial organic manufacture processes. Using biogaswastewater, sewage and dregs to directly for cooking or co-generation ofproduce biogas. The city of Mianzhu electricity and heat is especially feasibletreats 98 percent of municipal sewage when the biogas is used at or near theincluding wastewater from hospitals site of generation. Biogas methane canthrough digesters with a total capacity of also be used to make methanol, an10,000 cubic metres. organic solvent and an important chemical for producing formaldehyde, chloromethane, organic glass, and compound fibre. Good quality fertilizer and electricity generated are additional bonuses. Finally, biogas can be used to prolong storage of fruit and grain. An atmosphere of methane and carbon dioxide inhibits metabolism, thereby reducing the formation of ethylene in fruits and grains prolonging storage time and the same atmosphere kills harmful insects, mould,Chenming Paper Co. which generates and bacteria that cause diseases.300 tonnes of sludge a day, is adding itsown start up biogas program using pulp My minds eye sees a future where foodwastes. The same goes for intensive storage will be in local communities asanimal husbandry on many large or the Just-in-Time delivery system willmedium size livestock and poultry farms encounter problems as fuel becomesin the suburbs of cities. Chinas power more expensive and disposable incomegeneration is starting to morph into local worldwide is reduced. I envision a returnenergy generation for local residents to a bulk delivery system of dry goodsfrom local industry using local which will be weekly or bi-weekly thatfeedstock, which is a model we should will require local communities to storeget used to in a world of high energy their own grain and bulk food utilizingprices: Local production, Local biogas to keep pests and rodents out ofconsumption. the food supply. Tiny shipments as we are used to today will need to beAs our globalized distant point of restructured into a bulk delivery system,manufacture, long delivery chain the concept of one box from onelifestyle changes year upon year with company half way around the worlddeclining crude oil availability, known as stocked on a store shelf should taper off"Peak Oil", we as a world will need to with higher crude prices. Foods from 8
  9. 9. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generator supermarkets and hyper-marts packed in Raw Biogas Into Usable small individual boxes, bags or wrapped in plastic will have their own set of Natural Gas - Biogas problems for delivery and manufacture Upgrading Technology to overcome. Which gives biogas an edge by offering solutions to two probable Digester systems that convert waste side effects in the future because of material into biogas are becoming more continuing upward crude prices, food prevalent throughout the world. Rural storage and fertilizer. farmers now have a means to produce good quality fertilizer and biogas from What I never hear mentioned is a waste materials like manure in a cheap back-up fertilizer system. We are renewable way. required by law in many countries to have back up batteries and generators The problem is that this biogas produced for critical electrical systems in case of is roughly 60% methane and 29% Co2 power failure. Is there a back-up with trace elements of H2S, and is not fertilizer system in place for our food up to the quality of 99% pure methane production in case of oil shortages or natural gas if the owner was planning on long-lasting supply disruptions? Biogas selling this gas or using it as fuel gas for production may provide a bit of machinery. The corrosive nature of H2S protection. It is hardly an Olympic step, alone is enough to destroy the internals but its a step. of expensive plant. David DuByne is from the United States The solution is the implementation of a and is presently living and teaching biogas upgrading or purification system. Business English in Chongqing, China. Biogas upgrading is a series of processes His website where the gas is first cleaned from is contaminants and then dried, so that devoted to oil depletion in an English as what is left at the end of the process is a Second Language (ESL) format for 98%+ methane fuel gas. Manufacturers students around the world to discuss that produce biogas purification systems energy issues. each have their own different processes and technology that they employ to Article Source: produce the sales quality gas. A few of them are detailed below. _DuByn Water Washing1. The Next Step in Integrating Biogas Into the This is the most common method of Petro-Economy Cleaning purifying biogas. Here raw biogas from the digester is compressed and fed into 9
  10. 10. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generatorthe scrubber vessel where passing water Chemical Reactionstreams adsorb the gas contaminantsleaving near pure methane. The gas is Raw biogas can be upgraded by variousthen dried by dessicant in the drier chemical reactions that remove the C02columns and exit the system as 98%+ and other contaminants from the gaspure natural gas. stream. The chemicals such as Alkanolamines react at atmosphericPressure Swing Adsorption pressure in an adsorption column with the Co2 and are regenerated afterwardsOtherwise known as PSA, this with steam. The hydrogen sulphide mustpurification method separates the Co2, first be removed to avoid toxifying theNitrogen, Oxygen and Water from the chemicals.raw biogas stream by adsorbing gases athigh pressure and desorbing them at low Advantages and Disadvantagespressure as waste. The PSA systemusually consists of 4 different adsorption Each plant type fulfills its purpose ofcolumns working in sequence; supplying high quality natural gas forAdsorption, depressurizing, desorption grid injection. However depending onand re-pressurizing. the site location, various environmental and economic factors might makeThe raw biogas is compressed and fed selecting a certain type of system a moreinto the bottom of the adsorption sensible choice. For areas where water iscolumn where it is purified. during this an expensive resource a moretime the remaining columns regenerate, appropriate choice would be a PSA orsuch that there is always 1 absorber Selexol system which regenerate thecolumn actively cleaning gas. PSA does adsorbent, however this has to be offsetnot scrub hydrogen sulphide so this against the heat input required inmust be removed before it enters the regeneration.compressor.PolyglycolUsing polyglycol (Tradename Selexol) topurify biogas is similar to the waterwashing method with regeneration.Selexol can absorb hydrogen sulphide,carbon dioxide and water. However theenergy required to regenerate thesolution after adsorbing H2S is high, sohydrogen sulphide is removed before theprocess. 10
  11. 11. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas GeneratorAnother important factor to consider is washing, pressure swing adsorption,the methane loss associated with each polyglycol adsorption and chemicaldesign. The methane loss is measured treatment.using gas analyzers and flowmeters atthe suction and discharge sides of the Water washing and PSA are the mostplant. Most plants are guaranteed by predominantly used systems in the worldmanufacturers to achieve a maximum today. Typical energy requirements for a2% methane loss. Some recent studies biogas purification system are betweenhowever have measured between 8-10% 3-6% of the total methane output, withmethane loss at PSA and Selexol plant smaller plants cost more to run thansites, possibly due to leaks and poor larger ones. As digester systems becomemaintenance. Chemical systems have more common around the world andeven lower guaranteed losses since the people begin to catch on to biogas as achemicals selectively react with the Co2 renewable source of energy, no doubt wein the gas stream instead of adsorbing. will see more of these systems become available and more innovative designs.Energy Demands a biogas upgrading plant the ding-systems/auxiliary power required to drive thecompressors, pumps etc is anywhere Article Source:between 3-6% of the total energy output the form of natural gas. The cost _Belcherassociated with upgrading biogas alsodecreases with larger plant size, a 1. Making Biogas is Simple –smallish plant of 100 metres cubed perhour will upgrade gas at more than twice Here are the Three Basicthe cost of a plant outputting 200 - 300 Stepsmetres cubed per hour. There are numerous different desiredConclusions goals that men and women may have. For whichever good reasons, someA digester is only the beginning of the people wish to make biogas. It is aprocess to convert biomass into useful relatively frequent choice. Therehigh quality natural gas. A biogas certainly is good news for people whopurification system takes the raw biogas decide upon this goal. It is not at allat around 60% methane from the difficult to attain, once you know justdigester and through a special process what you are doing.outputs 98% methane for ether use asfuel gas or supplied to the grid. The four The objective of this article is to reallymain upgrading processes are water make it easier for you to have success 11
  12. 12. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generatorand succeed at making biogas. 49-57C ( 120-135F ) and try to keep the temperature even by day and by night with no big swings. The 3rd step is to make sure that the methane has somewhere it can be collected, so run a plastic pipe into something like a completely deflated car inner tube. This could be very important since you will need to collect quite a bit of methane biogas before you canRead more to educate yourself about usefully connect it to a gas burner andhow you can do so in just 3 steps... cook with it. It is important to avoid the error of allowing air to enter the system.The 1st step is Take some biodigestiblewaste (food scraps or cut-grass would be Adhere to the above three stepsgood) and allow it to stay for some time carefully. If you follow the instructionsin a closed container, without clean air above you should be in the position tobeing introduced. Biogas is produced in make biogas quickly and completely.a process called anaerobic digestion, i.e. Take the steps carefully and makeWithout air / oxygen being added to the certain to steer clear of the potentialbiomass. problems. Then you can celebrate and relish the accolades and advantages thatYou need to do that mainly because you can come to people who successfullyneed to get the waste to decay without make biogas.air. While doing so, it is best to avoidany air at all getting into the container, Find out methods to make biogas forso make sure it is well and truly sealed. home cooking purposes at our How toIf you dont finish this 1st step Make Biogas fan page atadequately, then air will get in and biogas being made. gas .The 2nd step is If you would like to Article Source:produce a little quantity of biogas, you simply make DIY biodigester. _EvansFeed it with cut grass that can producejust about 0,5 m3 from each one kg ofgrass. Here you need to avoid allowingthe container to get cold, as the biogasproduction works well in temperatureranges of 30-38C ( 86-100F ) and 12
  13. 13. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generator of putting your food scraps into your liquidizer, or chopping them up fine and mixing with water, every day since that can help avoid the bacterial culture in your digester becoming less than as efficient in gas production than it would otherwise be. Failing to do this may cause the supply of biogas to fluctuate. So do not make the miscalculation of ignoring this crucial step! (Xergi biogas) The second is, to keep your home biogas digester warm1. How to Make Biogas from Almost as important as remember to Food Scraps at Home feed your home biogas digester regularly as you are working to succeed at making Setting out to succeed with making biogas from food scraps will be to keep biogas from your family food scraps, at your home biogas digester warm. I am home, is a great way to gain confidence here to inform you, you dont want to in the technique for anyone considering overlook this. Its very helpful to avoid buying a biogas plant for their farm or big temperature changes in your supermarket (e.g. sponsor an digester, which can be something which undergraduate student to do this with everyone who wants to succeed with your food waste), but make sure you making biogas from your food scraps choose the right path and do things wants. correctly. If you do not do it right, the end results are likely to be disastrous. Lastly, take care to look after the You could potentially find yourself with a pipework that delivers the methane lack of gas to cook your meals, or biogas into your kitchen where it is used, perhaps a biogas digester in the back usually by burning it in a gas ring burner yard which becomes a white elephant, beneath a saucepan, kettle etc. It only unused and unproductive. needs a small link for the gas to escape Listed here are a trio of tactics to Finally, when working with making sidestep that kind of failure, and biogas from food scraps you will want to succeed. be sure and avoid smoking while attending to your home biogas digester. First and foremost, remember to feed This will assist you with avoiding a fire your home biogas digester regularly in which it is possible to get burnt, after all methane burns hot and, an essential Youre going to want to get in the habit component of such a project is always 13
  14. 14. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generatorthe need to ensure all work is done Failing that may mean you may _Symesunintentionally cause an accident thatyou will regret allowing to occur. And I Wrapping up...believe that we could be in agreementthat this would not be good... In this report, weve shown you: The Potential for Renewable Energy from Biogas Watch Out for China - Biogas in China Didn’t Stop After Powering the 2008 Olympic Torch The Next Step in Integrating Biogas Into the Petro-Economy Cleaning Raw Biogas Into Usable Natural Gas How Making Biogas is Simple and is Done in Just Three Basic Steps How to Make Biogas from Food Scraps at HomeAs stated above, if you would like toensure success at making biogas from However, this is just the beginning. Iffood scraps, you need to avoid the sorts youd like to know moreof problems which could make you finish about converting waste into renewableup with a lack of gas to cook your meals, energy, which increasingly also meansor maybe a biogas digester in the back INTO MONEY, and a great way to allayyard which becomes a white elephant, potential biogas plant owners from theunused and unproductive. What you fear of the unknown when it comes toreally want is consistent half an hour to investing money in this technology, then40 minutes of biogas flow daily for you may find the following article useful:cooking, once daily, which goal youcould attain by carefully using the threesteps outlined above. SPECIAL REPORT:Learn more about how to make biogas by Is It Possible To Producegoing to "Steve Last’s Tips on How toMake Biogas at Home" by visiting my Biogas, Without Losingweb site at Precious Earnings Process Downtime?694 . According to Steve last, anArticle Source: environmental process engineer and 14
  15. 15. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generatorowner of the popular Anaerobic Digestion plant partners andwebsite, turnkey contractors", Steve Last tellsthe answer is yes! us that all the technical detail is “on the table”, from the start. That way, the“Many biogas plant operators tell us that buyer can assess, accept, or reject thea biogas plant is much more like owning technical details from a point ofa cow than a tractor, and a badly knowledge.behaved cow at that", Steve tells us. Steve Last focuses on the uniqueWhy most people struggle approach of providing accessible information first, and if you like it;According to Steve Last , theres a “bringing the client up to speed in thereason why so many people struggle technology, from thewith the idea that if done right an start”, firstly to give the client theanaerobic digestion plant will deliver confidence that he will befuel bill busting power, despite so knowledgeable enough about themuch evidence to the contrary, product he is buying to remain in firmand help being offered to them control of his technical advisors fromtoday from an ever increasing range of start to finish, and secondly so that hebiogas plant technology providers... gets a feel for what operating an AD plant is like, because it isn’t like “buying"Prospective AD Plant buyers, a tractor”, and if the AD and Biogasparticularly in the agricultural sector, industry sells on that proposition,but also commercial clients in the unsatisfied clients may well be thegrowing food waste digestion sector, result.fear that their project will cost them fartoo much and run out of their control, To learn more about Steve Last’s solution,with fancy control equipment and over and his story,specified and complex systems." visit .Steve Last has set out to What others are saying aboutconquer this perception with a Steve’s IPPTS Associates webunique approach site…"We tell intelligent clients who don’t KT: “Great site, well done, lots of goodmind a bit of technical reading, how to info for anyone looking at Anaerobicoperate their biogas plant before we Digestion to perform a number ofstart. If they start out by knowing services. I have also studied AD … and“what they need to do”, then remaining it is very control over “how they do it”, ismuch easier. Unlike some other Witchaya K: I’m come from Thailand 15
  16. 16. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generatorand finding the information about ----------------------------anaerobic digestion in the rural village.Im studying in master degree and Are you receiving yourmaking the project about the anaerobicdigestion. Thank you. Anaerobic Digestion News?A. G: Biogas production from any viablesource is an obvious path in apetro-energy stressed economy. My fieldof interest is on-site wastewatertreatment, given GHG concerns carbonsequestering and energy productionpotential is subject to scrutiny right now.Comment: Relevant, well presented andthus good. Sign up for our biogas news blog, and we will send you an email version of each blog article every time we update our blog. We been running it since 2006, and we have over 900 subscribers. It’s also completely free, and we always include an “unsubscribe” button in every email, soTo download Steve’s free report on how unsubscribing is never more than ato operate a biogas plant go click, If you would like to give it a try,plant – it’s all there! just click on the link below, and 16
  17. 17. How to Become a Wealthy Biogas Generator fill out the simple form. =88884 (Tip: If your settings prevent this working, copy and paste the link text into you browser’s address panel.) 17Powered by TCPDF (