Cheap energy forever: The Bioethanol Miracle


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A report describing the amazing potential of bioethanol, using the anaerobic digestion method of fermentation once second generation organic feedstocks are used such as algae and seaweed.

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Cheap energy forever: The Bioethanol Miracle

  2. 2. CHEAP ENERGYMIRACLE THE BIOETHANOL FOREVER:Cheap Energy Forever: TheComing Bioethanol MiracleFrom Food Crop Competitor toMankind’s SaviourIs bioethanol really a dangerous competitor forour food, or will second generation biomasssources make it mankind’s savior as itbecomes a massive contributor to theproduction of almost boundless supplies of If this was to continue to be true it would berenewable energy using biomass fuel sources worrying. Bioethanol is now mostly used tofrom our oceans? fuel cars. So, the world’s poor might be losing out to the rich who essentially would be takingThe subject has become one of polarized the food away from the poor, simply to powerviews, and some quite scary stories of the way their which it has been suggested thatbioethanol production (as it is almost always Since protests in the late 1990s the foodbeen so far produced from food crops) will price-rise problem has been accepted as acompete for food on a global scale, and could factor, and many (such as the US, Germanyresult in the poor of the world starving. This is and the UK (the UK was in fact only justbecause, making it until now uses food starting to subsidize it heavily), and othersupplies such as corn/ maize, and this has governments have cut-back very significantlybeen an especially acute problem in South on subsidizing production. It is presumed thatAmerica where its production has been the reason these cut-backs have taken placehighest, and as a result it has been said to be is due to concern that governments do notraising food price rises there, since about encourage food supply competition. However,2008. as transport fuel prices continue to rise, the problem could return and worsen, as the price a bioethanol will become more price competitive with oil from non-renewable sources, and thus market forces will be expected to raise its production. This need not 2
  3. 3. happen though if alternative biomass sources we will show you that with foresight andare used. ingenuity man can and will be able to develop cheap renewable energy. Furthermore, we canWe will let you judge the social and political develop as much of it as we want, to the pointissues that increasing food use for fuel at which we will have an abundance ofproduction would cause using food crops, but renewable energy to fuel fabulous futurewe think that this is best done against the lifestyles for the world’s population forever.backdrop of facts. You will gain the facts from Yes, that’s even after oil, natural gas, andreading the articles which follow in this coal, runs out, and that really does meanreport, and the facts are far more optimistic. forever…Yes. After giving you the information about Open your eyes to this and you need never bebioethanol made from biomass sources used pessimistic about the future after fossil fuelsso far, we will then open your eyes to the – life on earth and will go on after “peak oil”amazing possibilities for renewable fuels in using these new biomass fuel sources, andvast quantities from mother earth’s seas by mankind will continue to be affluent and cancultivating algae and seaweed. become “green”, while continuing to be profligate in fuel use, through these biomassThe world is suffering an economic slowdown, sources. Read on and we will explain, if youand also we believe many are suffering a read on through this report.crises of belief in mankind’s ability to weanitself off its overdependence on finite supplies DISCLAIMER: This information is provided "asof fossil fuel before the globe heats up is". The author, publishers and marketers ofuncontrollably due to climate change. In fact this information disclaim any loss or liability,the world needs to wake-up, because all that either directly or indirectly as a consequenceis needed is vision to invest in renewable of applying the information presented herein,energy technologies, and get on with creating or in regard to the use and application of saidthe new dawn of fossil-fuel-free economics. information. No guarantee is given, either expressed or implied, in regard to the merchantability, accuracy, or acceptability of the information. Introduction Inside this report, you will learn: #1. Bioethanol - What is it and What Other Forms of Renewable Energy Are Available?: In the last few years, we have been over supplied with information about GlobalRenewable energy can be made from a huge warming, CO2, green energy, recycling,variety of organic materials and in this report bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, and similar news and 3
  4. 4. products. Governments and different Mitsubishi and University of Marine Scienceenvironmental agencies are constantly trying and Technology released a proposal calling forto put forward and promote different projects massive seaweed / algae cultivation. This pilotwhich mainly aim to reduce the production of projects occupy 10,000 kilometers square forCO2 and support renewable sources of energy. a seaweed farm. The researchers estimate thatSo, just what are the facts? Find out about the farm will produce about 20 millionthem here! kiloliters (5.3 billion gallons) of bioethanol per year. This is equal to one third of#2. Why Bioethanol? The impact of Japanese consumption on fuel in a year, andenvironmental pollution is a subject that you can learn about this amazing idea here.increasingly worries ecological organizations,and the public in general. The investigationand development of more eco- friendly fuels,as well as a more responsible consumption bycompanies and consumers, can have a highlypositive effect on the environment. Learn howbioethanol can play an important role in this.#3. How Bioethanol is Manufactured and Used inVehicle Fuel: Bioethanol is a fully sustainableenergy source that has been extracted fromrenewable raw materials like starch plantsincluding corn, wheat and cassava, sugarplants including beets and can and somecellulose plants which come from trees. Learnhow it is made.#4. Bioethanol from Algae – Could this beMankind’s Saviour? Learn about a group ofresearchers that recently launched a proposalto cultivate massive amounts of seaweed and /or algae. The project organizer claims thatthey occupy about ten thousand kilometers ofseaweed farm and they estimated that thefarm would be able to produce bioethanolfrom algae, as much as 20 million kiloliters or5.3 billion gallons of this fuel per year. Thisamount is massive, like a third of Japaneseconsumption on fuel per year.#5. Researchers Sidestepping Food CropConcerns by Proposing to Use Seaweed: Learnhow a group of joint researchers from 4
  5. 5. Here are a Few figures about renewable energy: In 2006: about 18% of a global final energy consumption came from renewable energy 13% came from traditional bio mass (for example: wood burning) 3% came from hydroelectricity 2.4 % came from small hydroelectricity, modern biomass, wind, solar, bio-fuels and bio-ethanol Each year the global production ofArticles: renewable energy increases, which is widely supported by a number of governments.# 1 Bioethanol - What is it and Now let’s take a look at the most popularWhat Other Forms of Renewable renewable (alternative) energy sourcesEnergy Are Available? available:In the last few years, we have been over Biofuelsupplied with information about Globalwarming, CO2, green energy, recycling, Bio-fuel is a liquid fuel produced from plantbio-ethanol, bio-diesel, and similar news and materials. Worldwide a lot of companies feel aproducts. Governments and different huge pressure to increase production and useenvironmental agencies are constantly trying of bio fuel. The main reasons for this are:to put forward and promote different projectswhich mainly aim to reduce the production of 1. Growing oil price and unstableCO2 and support renewable sources of energy. relationships with far-east countries and theirSo, just what are the facts? suppliesRenewable energy is energy generated from 2. Significant decrease of world oil reservesnatural resources. The main sources ofrenewable energy are wind energy, sun energy, 3. Environmental harm from the production oftide energy, bio fuels and biomass. Of course fossil fuelsthere are many more sources, but the onesmentioned above are the main ones. 5
  6. 6. approval to be built. In the European Union, the country with the biggest number of wind farms is Germany, second is Spain and third Denmark. UK currently has around 186 (2008) wind farms with 7 large off shore farms and a few other farms under construction.Bio-ethanol (type of bio fuel) - is an alcoholmade by fermenting the sugar components ofplant materials and it is made mostly fromsugar and starch corps. Bio -diesel is madefrom vegetable oils animal fats or recycledgreases.In 2007 the yearly production of Bio ethanolin USA was around 5.6 billion gallons peryear. The additional capacity of 6.2 billiongallons per years is under the construction.Once this is built, the USA will have totalproduction of 11.8 billion gallons of ethanolper year.The price to produce bio ethanol highly The main energy to run wind turbine is wind.depends on the cost of corn and cost of Modern wind turbines range from aroundnatural gas. For example, if corn cost around 600kW to 5MW. There are strict criteria$2 a bushel, it would cost between $1 and where wind turbines can be built- only in$1.20 to make a gallon of bio ethanol. The areas where wind energy output averagedownside point is that the ethanol has only reaches certain level and certain frequency.two thirds of the energy in comparison to The resources showed that off shore wind isgasoline. 90% greater than on the land.Wind energy The reason to write this article was to educate people as Bio ethanol and wind energyWind Energy - is one of the most popular hopefully will encourage people to help withrenewable energies. In last couple of years the saving our planet. It may seem to benumber of wind farms has increase by 50% pointless, but every one of us needs to help.each year. There are tens of new off shore or Even if we each do a little bit, if 10 million ofon shore wind farms projects waiting for an us do a little bit to save our planet, the 6
  7. 7. outcome will be huge.Bioethanol is one of the most efficient biofuels that you can make. Hopefully the worldwill see more bioethanol and more Bio fuelinvestment in the future.Article Source: 2 Why Bioethanol?The impact of environmental pollution is asubject that increasingly worries ecologistorganizations and governments. Thephenomenon of global warming seriouslyupsets the Earths climate and its ecosystems,which bears the appearance of unknowndiseases, the disruption of migration habits ofcertain species, and even their extinction ifthey are not able to adapt to their newenvironment. However, if man can evolve to The investigation and development of moreuse renewable fuels which don’t cause ecologically sustainable fuels, as well as aclimate change, all will be OK. more responsible consumption by companies and consumers, can have a highly positive effect on the environment. On the one hand, the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) indicates the commitment and the duties of private companies of integrating in its activities the social, economic and ecological concerns of civil society. Thus, the development and use of biological fuels contribute to a large extent to reducing the negative ecological impact of its activities. On the other hand, citizens and consumers also have a responsibility towards the environment, which they can exercise by acquiring products that have a lower polluting impact. Also, they can carry out what are called "eco-gestures" which are simple and 7
  8. 8. everyday small actions that help reduce are reduced by 60%. A single hectare ofpollution and improve the environment. beetroot absorbs an annual amount of CO, equivalent to that of 10 cars.Finally, states and central governments inmany countries are taking steps that aim attrying to limit the ecological impact of itsinhabitants and their activities. Particularly,the promotion and development of lesspolluting energies are being encouraged, aswell as the production of moreenvironmentally friendly fuels.One of those bio-fuels is bio-ethanol, which isbut ethanol of agricultural origin or ethylalcohol, the same as can be found inalcoholic beverages. Bio-ethanol comes fromthe transformation of vegetables containingsucrose, such as sugar cane or beetroot, andis obtained from the fermentation of the sugarextracted from the sugar plant, or by theenzymatic hydrolysis of the starch present incereals like corn or wheat. One very popularprocess in which bio-ethanol is oftenproduced from food crops is by using theanaerobic digestion process. Also, the consumption of biological fuels suchBio-ethanol has multiple uses: for instance, it as bio-ethanol substitutes other exogenousis used as bio-fuel in petrol engines, since it and problematic energies, such as fossil andallows for a better combustion by increasing nuclear energy. The waste produced in thethe octane mix rate, as fuel for heating in production of biological or organic pollution.fireplaces and boilers, or even as an enhancerfor other higher-performing fuels. So, the use of biological fuels, even on a small scale in households, together with theThe environmental advantages of bio-ethanol citizens small eco-gestures, contributecome from the fact that the crops are significantly to the protection of therenewable and its production uses less environment.mineral oil to produce than diesel orpetroleum spirit. This means that bio-ethanol That this is vital, has been known byproduction can contribute substantially to philosophers for a very long time. The Frenchreducing greenhouse gases emissions. philosopher Descartes said back in the 17th century, "to arrive at knowledge highly usefulFor example, by replacing one liter of petrol in life (...), by means of which, knowing thewith bio-ethanol, greenhouse gases emissions force and action of fire, water, air, the stars, 8
  9. 9. the heavens, and all the other bodies that from fossil fuels are avoided and Co2 levelssurround us, (...) especially for the are reduced because the biomasses that servepreservation of health, which is without doubt, as raw material for bioethanol productionof all the blessings of this life, the first and require Co2 for growth.fundamental one".David Gonzalez-Company is a writer, journalist,educator and translator who has traveled extensivelyand has lived in several European, North American andAfrican countries.Article Source: 3 How Bioethanol isManufactured and Used in Bioethanol is renewable from plants likesVehicle Fuel cereals, sugar beets and the like or biomass. Cellulosic ethanol is made from stalks andBioethanol is a fully sustainable energy source husks as well as other plant cellulosethat has been extracted from renewable raw materials, but it still needs to go through thematerials like starch plants including corn, fermentation process and uses cast-off wastewheat and cassava, sugar plants including products from food thats in the process ofbeets and can and some cellulose plants growth. Cellulosic ethanol is made from thewhich come from trees. Bioethanol is an non-food portion of many agricultural wastesefficient and clean-burning fuel that does not like corn stover which is the stalks andcontain any harmful particles, is much better residue left post-harvest.than its gasoline counterpart, reduces overallair pollution, and is good for the environment. It hasnt been until very recently that the problem of complex mixtures of sugars inBioethanol is being produced through the bioethanol fuels that made up these leftoverhydrolysis and sugar fermentation processes. materials could be converted in an efficientIt requires diluted enzymes and sulphuric manner by baker’s yeast.acids which help to break down the celluloseand hemicelluloses in order to produce However, Delft University Technology recentlysucrose sugar which is in turn fermented into came up with a method that solved thisethanol. problem. It was accomplished by genetically modifying baker’s yeast.Closely connected to biodiesel, bioethanol is aliquid biofuel and can be added to standard Brazil makes most of its bioethanol from localunleaded gasoline at levels of up to 5% and crops of sugar cane which has been a greatcan be used in cars currently on the road. By material for ethanol fuel production. Half ofreplacing bioethanol for fossil fuels, emissions all cars in Brazil are running on ethanol. 9
  10. 10. Another process still under development petroleum exports decrease and pureshows great promise. It involves the bioethanol production swings into full gear.gasification of biomass combined withcatalytic process that leads to the production Research and testing has been widespread asof bioethanol. It has been making gains and mixtures of methanol, water, acidity,garnering more attention in the United States. phosphorus and sulphur contents to include are tweaked and filtered. These are just someWhile the gasification to produce bioethanol of the impurities that can commonly be foundneeds more research, the main reason for its in bioethanol, and maximum limits of thesecontinued popularity is that, it can be easily need to be imposed to avoid numerousblended with gasoline in a mixture of 5% problems in the automobile using it. Europebioethanol and 95% gasoline which is already has a standard EN DIN 228 whichsuitable for use in cars already on the road permits blending of up to 5% with This can work in cars without This fuel mixture of E5 has been proven to bemodification only with an additive package. used in standard engines with no problems.E95 has been designed specifically to be Current companies involved in bioethanolutilized in certain diesel-engine buses which production and distribution are making stridescan be easily converted to run on the at creating an infrastructure which canbioethanol mixture. implement the intentions and policies concerning biofuel. In the meantime, all usFuel companies will be legally obligated in must remain vigilant about the positive2010 to mix five percent bioethanol with 95% impact of bioethanol and other biofuel, andgasoline and 5% biodiesel with 95% keep an eye on how its expanding. In theory,conventional diesel. While mixes at theselevels will cause no damage to existing fuel Bioethanol is considered to be 100% carbonsystems and can run without any adjustments, neutral if the farm producing it uses no netit will become the standard ingredient in fuel. fossil fuel. For 100% to be achieved means that every bit of carbon that is burned whileBioethanol production is currently estimated using it as fuel can eventually be recycledat around 30 million tons per year. Biodiesel back into the next crop of vegetables as theyfuel is only estimated at 2.5 million tons per grow under the power of the sun. While this isyear. This is going to increase significantly great in theory, it has not yet quite beenover the next few years. While the crop chosen clarified as to how this can be implemented independs largely upon prevailing soil and practice. There are additional carbon costsclimactic conditions, bioethanol can be such as to power agricultural vehicles,produced from nearly any type of crop. fertilizer production and fuel transportation, which must be considered and eliminated asAs governments strive to be less reliant on far as possible.foreign oils, sustainable fuels like bioethanolbecome ever more important for industrialized All in all, with biofuel being developed andnations. As in all things, energy security will implemented, there is a learning curveneed to increase in many countries as involved. All implementation of biofuel, 10
  11. 11. unless the farm is 100% carbon neutral, will, bio fuel; the Sargasso seaweed (hondawara).however, add to negatively impacting the Why is this specific choice? This is due to theenvironment for the moment – at least until fact that the Sargasso seaweed grows in anscientists and engineers work out how to stop unbelievable fast rate.using fossil fuels in these productionfacilities. This would be then processed by floating bio reactors. These facilities that would useSearch and post new cars enzyme too breakdown the seaweed into sugar[], hydro cars which would then be processed and be[], and read carreviews [] at converted to ethanol. This process will place on the sea and would be then transported to land by tankers.Article Source: Seaweeds / algae have two fundamental components that greatly increase the researchers interest in producing ethanol out# 4 Bioethanol from Algae – of it.Could this be Mankind’s Fucoidan - scientists have proven thatSaviour? enzymes are capable of breaking down these components into sugar.There is a group of researchers that recentlylaunched a proposal to cultivate massive Alginic Acid - science is still researching foramounts of seaweed and / or algae. The ways to break this baby down.project claims that they occupy about tenthousand kilometers of seaweed farm and they Researchers also have claimed that it will notestimated that the farm would be able to only produce sufficient amounts of bio fuel, itproduce bioethanol from algae, as much as would also help in cleaning the Sea. These20 million kiloliters or 5.3 billion gallons of seaweeds work to remove some of the saltbioethanol per year. This amount is massive, flowing in the a third of Japanese consumption on fuelper year. Also, another prospect is the sea in Scotland where there is a rough coastline and verySeaweed / Algae have already been proven to clean seas. They would then examine that partbe capable of becoming an alternative option and check if it is feasible for seaweed farmingfor producing bio fuel. The thing is, most of and if it would be able to sustain thethe bio fuel of today are produced or extracted extraction of natural elements to produce aout of corn and sugar cane which has their new clean source of energy. Seaweeds indeedown disadvantage and the ratio of the crops would play a giant role in the search for waysand the amount of ethanol that it produces to solve the dwindling environmental statusare not balanced. This leads to a number of due to the massive over dependency of everydifferent problems. The proposal stated a country to fossil fuel that is considered as thespecific type of seaweed for the production of number pollutant that kills the planet. 11
  12. 12. Why is it advantageous to use algae /seaweed? It doesnt need soil or freshwater and other producer substances. It is naturally occurring in the sea and there would be no imbalance that would happen when it is harvested. We would be able to avoid the food price hike if we would utilize this new technology for we will no longer be taking away lands to farm crops. Algae / seaweed grow unbelievably faster. Around 10 times as fast as sugar cane. It is actually the fastest growing crop known to man.Interested in bioethanol fuel? For all about ethanol gonow => Seaweed / Algae has long been considered as an alternative option to produce bio fuel. MostArticle Source: biofuel today is produced from corn and sugar cane. According to the proposal the seaweed to be grown in the farm is from sargasso# 5 Researchers Sidestepping seaweed (hondawara). This type of seaweedFood Crop Concerns by can grow faster.Proposing to Use Seaweed There will be floating bioreactors, these are special facilities that use enzyme to breakA group of joined researchers from Mitsubishi down seaweed down into sugars. They wouldand University of Marine Science and then prepared seaweed for conversion intoTechnology released a proposal calling for ethanol. The conversion will be done at seamassive seaweed / algae cultivation. This pilot and then transported to land by tankers.projects occupy 10.000 kilometers square forseaweed farm. The researchers estimate that There are two main components of seaweed /the farm will produce about 20 million algae that raise interest in producingkiloliters (5.3 billion gallons) of bioethanol bioethanol. They are Fucoidan and Alginicper year. This is equal to one third of Acid. Scientists have already discovered anJapanese consumption on fuel in a year. enzyme to break down Fucoidan and now they are currently looking for enzyme to break down Alginic acid. 12
  13. 13. The researchers claim that in addition to they estimate that Algae / Seaweed produceproducing bio fuel. The seaweed / algae farm 5000 gallons of bio fuel per acre. Aswill also serve a noble duty by cleaning the comparisons, corn yields 18 gallons,Sea of Japan. The seaweed would work to soybeans produce 48 gallons and palmremove some of the excess nutrient salts that trees yield 635 gallons per acre.flow into the sea from the surrounding landmasses References: recent news stated that UK Researchersare also digging this new possibility. Professor Cowling, science and research managerat the Crown Estate, said: "Given Scotlands western coastline and relatively clean _could_be_used_as_green_fuel_alternative/seas, it is sensible to examine the farming ofseaweeds and sustainable harvesting of supplies as a source of energy." ros-and-cons.htmlHe said that more research was needed toestablish the practicalities but added thatseaweed could play an "important role" ingreen energy.Now what are the advantages of Seaweed ifcompared to other bio fuel products suchthose produced from Corn, Sugar Cane, andPalm Oil? Seaweed doesnt need soil and fresh water as other agricultural biofuel producer crops desperately do. Many criticize that the cultivation of massive agricultural crops to produce bio fuel require very large acres of land, that makes it inefficient and potentially harm the environment. Food price will rise as the effect of more land is taken away to produce biofuel. Algae / Seaweed grows 10 times faster than Green Living is what Our Planet Needs... sugar cane. It is the fastest growing crop. Explore, study and consider to take your step to live a Greener Life... You can expand your According to researchers at the Center for horizon in Green Living and find out many Biorefining of the University of Minnesota, Amazing Green Technologies that perhaps will 13
  14. 14. surprise you and make you realize that These of organic materials and other ways to weanGreen Technologies are Actually Among Us.... mankind off fossil fuel dependency, then you may find the following special report useful:Article Source: SPECIAL REPORT: up... Is It Possible To Produce Renewable Energy fromIn this report, weve shown you: Biomass, at Competitive Prices and Without Food Prices Rising? All about bioethanol According to Steve Last, author of The and Why bioethanol has so much potential as also owner of the popular website, the answer renewable energy source is yes! How Bioethanol is manufactured and used in vehicle fuel "So many people support recycling and following a “green” lifestyle out of a sense of How Bioethanol can be made from algae duty, without understanding the very large and the potential for this biomass source to potential benefits when sustainable business be massively benefical to the planet practices are followed through", Steve Last tells us. How researchers are sidestepping food crop concerns by proposing to use seaweed as Why most people struggle to appreciate the their biomas source. importance of energy from waste and how “zero waste” isn’t just a worthy goal – it makes senseHowever, this is just the beginning. According to Steve Last, theres a reason whyYou have learned how renewable energy can so many people struggle with the idea ofbe made from a huge variety of organic waste facilities which produce energy in theirmaterials and in this report we will show you district and object to almost all proposalsthat with foresight and ingenuity man can, which the waste industry puts forward toand will, be able to develop cheap renewable recycle and treat their waste, is a lack ofenergy to replace fossil fuels. Furthermore, we knowledge, and vision...can develop as much of it as we want, andhave an abundance of renewable energy to "Very few people are aware of the revolutionfuel luxury future lifestyles for the world’s which has taken place in the wastepopulation - forever. management industry over the last 10 years or less. There are many “so called" newIf youd like to know more about how mankind technologies which are being implementedcan find and use previously unimagined sources which not only divert waste away from 14
  15. 15. landfills very successfully, but also produceenergy and by recycling an ever increasingrange of materials, and provide raw materials,which reduces the need for destroying ourlandscapes to mine and quarry fresh rawmaterials.”Did you know that the waste managementindustry can be a great career opportunityespecially as the industry is continuing to growwhen many others are stagnating?"There are waste management jobs now in justabout every discipline, and if you are notaware of these opportunities you may bemissing a great career opportunity”; Steve If youLast tells us. found this report interesting, or you were trying to find out aboutSteve points out that the waste industry isdefinitely still “hiring”, so if you know anyone Waste Technologies, from Incineration to MBTs,who is unemployed and knows little of the MRFs, Anaerobic Digestion and Composting,scope for work in the industry, we suggest thatyou pass this report on to them. then you are bound to find our ebook even more so!Did You Know That You Can This ebook includes concise information onFind Out About the Other each technology plus very broad indicative costs for each type of facility.“Bioethanol Story”, in WhichEnergy and Recycled Buy now at our lower price of £12.99 (GBP) - about $20 US (also: buy it easily in your ownMaterials are Created from currency).Waste, without the Danger of http://www.ebooks.waste-technologies.coRaising the Cost of Our Food .uk/Supplies, by Reading About Paste the link above into your browsersthe “Waste Technologies”? address panel, and you can be downloading it in the next 5 minutes - available at any time. 30 day money back guarantee. An Introduction to Waste Technologies 15
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