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Geecon 2014 - Five Ways to Not Suck at Being a Java Freelancer


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Do you ever wanted to have a freelance experience, but don't know how to get started? Do you think that becoming a freelancer is too much of a risk to trade with your stable job and steady income? Do you want to control and steer every aspect of your professional career without relying on someone else doing it for you? Maybe you feel unhappy with what you are doing and need a change? Or maybe you're just adventurous enough and willing to try something different! Come to my lightning talk where I'll discuss a few major points about doing freelance based on my own personal experience in the Java world, and hopefully this will help you clear up your mind and make your own decision about trying to freelance someday.

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Geecon 2014 - Five Ways to Not Suck at Being a Java Freelancer

  1. 1. Five Ways to Not Suck at Being a Java Freelancer Roberto Cortez
  2. 2. Roberto Cortez Freelancer twitter:! @radcortez! ! mail:!! ! blog:! Who am I?
  3. 3. Code HTML for food?
  4. 4. Get some experience first Work as a non-freelancer for at least 10 years (kidding)
  5. 5. It’s easier if you have a track record first. ! Customers want instant results. ! Unique skills can help you. Get some experience first
  6. 6. Invest in yourself Finally, you can have business cards
  7. 7. Build your reputation. ! Create a blog, go to conferences, contribute to open- source. ! Invest in yourself
  8. 8. Try to keep an open mind Sorry, I don’t do JavaScript
  9. 9. Expands your areas of expertise. ! Don’t lock yourself with only a few technologies. Try to keep an open mind
  10. 10. Manage your finances ummm, what taxes?? invoices??
  11. 11. Paperwork is going to pile. ! Waste your precious time. ! Hire someone to do the job for you. Manage your finances
  12. 12. Don’t get carried away You don’t need to catch them all!
  13. 13. You can work to multiple customers. ! Make sure to keep everyone happy. ! Don’t be afraid to refuse a job. Don’t get carried away
  14. 14. Why not try it someday? You can always code for HTML for food…
  15. 15. What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? ! You need to be always on the edge. Why not try it someday?
  16. 16. Thank you!