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WP 7.5 from Zero 2 Marketplace


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This talk will take you step by step on a journey all the way to the Marketplace. We cover development station requirements, differences between WP7, WP8, tablets, devices availability, how to consume web-services, mobile ads solutions, when to go with a paid or ads supported app, how to persist data easily and more.

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WP 7.5 from Zero 2 Marketplace

  1. 1.
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  3. 3. 800 MHz]
  4. 4. LIVE
  5. 5. The Windows Phone SDK includes the followingMicrosoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows PhoneWindows Phone EmulatorWindows Phone SDK 7.1 AssembliesSilverlight 4 SDK and DRTWindows Phone SDK 7.1 Extensions for XNA Game Studio 4.0Microsoft Expression Blend SDK for Windows Phone 7Microsoft Expression Blend SDK for Windows Phone OS 7.1WCF Data Services Client for Window PhoneMicrosoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone
  6. 6. Windows Phone Xbox 360Make free, paid, or ad-funded apps and games Access to 25 million Xbox LIVE members worldwideSubmit unlimited paid apps to Windows Phone Submit up to 10 games on Xbox LIVE IndieMarketplace GamesSubmit up to 100 free apps to Windows Phone Develop and debug on your retail Xbox 360Marketplace; additional submissions are $19.99 console with XNA Game Studio ConnectUSD per submission Customize your games for individual regions andExpand your reach with worldwide distribution languagesand trial options Peer review new Indie Games before theyreApps are content and code-certified released Get premium deals from middleware providers and partners
  7. 7. Fast App Resume runningState preserved!e.IsApplicationInstancePreserved Save State!== true activated deactivated dormant Phone resources detached Threads & timers suspended
  8. 8. Resuming .. .Restore state!e.IsApplicationInstancePreserved running== false activated deactivated Tombstone the oldest app dormant Phone resources detached Tombstoned Threads & timers suspended
  9. 9. private void Application_Activated(object sender, ActivatedEventArgs e){ if (e.IsApplicationInstancePreserved) { // Dormant - objects in memory intact } else { // Tombstoned - need to reload }}
  10. 10. MediaPlayer.Pause MediaElement.Pause SoundEffectInstance.Pause VibrateController.Stop PhotoCamera.Dispose Save page/global stateXNA Audio PausedSensors Notifications suppressedNetworking CancelledSockets DisconnectedMediaElement DisconnectedCamera Disposed
  11. 11. MediaElement.Source/Position/PlaySocket.ConnectAsyncnew PhotoCamera/VideoCameraRestore app state if tombstonedXNA Audio ResumedSensors Notifications resumedNetworking Completed with CancellationSockets -MediaElement -Camera -
  12. 12. revenue share of 70/30
  13. 13. −−−−−− source:
  14. 14. Function WP 7.8 WP 8.0Browser IE9 IE10Skype A separate application IntegratedVoice commands Yes Yes, an extended setDataSmart A separate application YesBing Аudio Yes Yes, improved recognition TVRCS-e A separate application IntegratedCloud OneNote, Office 365 Synchronization of all contentUpdated startup screen Yes YesOTA No, only the notification YesVisual Voicemail Only for some countries Yes
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