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Published in: Sports, Spiritual
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15 ll

  1. 1. Arc India 1501ElloraDistant View OfEllora Caves And TheValleyACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1502Ellora Cave 14General ViewACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1503Ellora Cave 14GajalakshmiLeft WallSecond PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1504Ellora Cave 14Varaha IncarnationOf VishnuLeft Wall 3rd PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1505Ellora Cave 14Siva And ParvatiPlaying DiceRight Wall 2nd PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1506Ellora Cave 14Dancing SivaRight Wall-3rd panelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1507Ellora Cave 14Siva Killing DemonAndhakaRight Wall 4th PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1502Ellora Cave 14Ravana Shaking Mount
  2. 2. KailasaRight Wall 5th PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1509Ellora Cave 14Rear Of Right CoridorSaptamatrikasACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1510Ellora Cave 14Rear Of ShrineRight WallSaptamatrikasACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1511Ellora Cave 14Chamundi, GaneshaKali And KalaDet Of SaptamatrikaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1512Ellora Cave 15Dasavatara CavePtg By T. Daniell4/17 1803 Oriental ScACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1513Ellora Cave 15DasavataraNandimandapaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1514Ellora Cave 15Detail Of 1513ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1515Ellora Cave 15General View Of TheCaveACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1516Ellora Cave 15
  3. 3. Dasavatara CavePilaster-Left Of N.Dvarapala-Upper LevelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1517Ellora Cave 15<Dasavatara Cave>Dvarapala-North SideACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1518Ellora Cave 15Dasavatara CaveView To S. Of CaveACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1519Ellora Cave 15Dasavatara CaveSouth DvarapalaView To S. Of CaveACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1520Ellora Cave 15Dasavatara Cave SivaKilling AndhakaNorth Wall 1st PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1521Ellora Cave 15Dancing SivaNorth Wall 2nd PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1522Ellora Cave 15Narasimha IncarnationOf VishnuSouth Wall 1st PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1523Ellora Cave 15TrivikramaSouth Wall 2nd PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUM
  4. 4. Arc India 1524Ellora Cave 15Siva DefendingMarkandeya From YamaEast Wall <Rear>ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1525Ellora Cave GeneralView Ptg By T.DaniellJune 1, 1803Oriental Scenery 4/17ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1526Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleFront ViewACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1527Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRear View FromSouth EastACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1528Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRear View, Sikhara &Rang Mahal From SEACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1529Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleTop Of Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1530Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleView From SWACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1531Ellora Cave 16Kailasa Temple
  5. 5. View Of SikharaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1532Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleCourtyardView From NorthwestACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1533Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleNorth Cloister AndOverhanging RockACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1534Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleView Looking Down AtThe Southeast CornerACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1535Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRavana Shaking MountKailasa Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1536Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleDetail Of 1535Siva And ParvatiACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1537Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleDetail Of 1535Parvati And AttendantACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1538Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleDetail Of 1535
  6. 6. MountainACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1539Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleDetail Of 1535RavanaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1540Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRow Of ElephantsSupporting The TempleACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1541Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleAndhakasuravadhaS Wall Near YajnasalaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1542Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleAndhakasuravadhaDetail Of Slide 1541ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1543Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleMahabharata PanelN Wall Of Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1544Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRamayana PanelS Wall Of Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1545Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRamayana Panel Det
  7. 7. S Wall Of Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1546Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleShrine Of The RiverGoddess NW CourtyardACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1547Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleShrine Of The RiverGoddess NW CourtyardACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1548Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleDhvajasthamba <South>& Nandi MandapaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1549Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleDhvajasthamba <South>DetailACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1550Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleShrine In SE CornerACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1551Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleShrine In SE CornerDetail Of 1550ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1552Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleTripurantakaNorth Of Gate WallACSAA Slide (C)AAAUM
  8. 8. Arc India 1553Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleNataraja North WallOf Nandi MandapamACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1554Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleMahishasuramardhiniS Of Gate WallACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1555Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleNarasimha South WallOf Nandi MandapamACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1556Ellora Cave 16Kailasa Temple SivaRescuing MarkandeyaW Wall Of Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1557Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleJatayu AttackingRavana S Wall Of R.M.ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1558Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleBrahmaW Wall Of Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1559Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleLingodhbhavaW Wall Of Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUM
  9. 9. Arc India 1560Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleDancing Siva S WallOf Circum. PassageACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1561Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleDancing SivaDwarf Detail Of 1560ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1562Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TemplePorch Of Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1563Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TemplePorch Of Rang MahalACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1564Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRang Mahal-InteriorNandi MandapamACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1565Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRang Mahal-InteriorAnd Linga ShrineACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1566Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRang MahalDetail Of 1565ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1567Ellora Cave 16Kailasa Temple
  10. 10. Rang Mahal-S PorchDoorway-Ptg-NatarajaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1568Ellora Cave 16Kailasa Temple R.M.Front AntechamberPtg On CeilingACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1569Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleDetail Of Slide 1568NatarajaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1570Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRang Mahal W PorchCeiling Ptg 2 LayersACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1571Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRang Mahal Det 1570Shiva,Brahma,Kartike-Ya ACSAA Slide(C)AAAUMArc India 1572Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleRang Mahal W PorchCeiling Ptg 3 LayersACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1573Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleLankesvara PillarsACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1574Ellora Cave 16Kailasa TempleLankesvara
  11. 11. Dancing SivaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1575Ellora Cave 21General View WithNandi In TheForegroundACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1576Ellora Cave 21River Goddess-GangaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1577Ellora Cave 21Facade Right HalfACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1578Ellora Cave 21Naga CoupleDetail Of Slide 1577ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1579Ellora Cave 21Nandi On PlatformACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1580Ellora Cave 21View Of PorchACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1581Ellora Cave 21Bracket Figure OnPorchACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1582Ellora Cave 21DvarapalaRight Of ShrineACSAA Slide (C)AAAUM
  12. 12. Arc India 1583Ellora Cave 21DvarapalaRight Of Shrine DetACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1584Ellora Cave 21Ravana Shaking MountKailasa DetailACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1585Ellora Cave 21Attendant Detail FromSiva And ParvatiPlaying Dice PanelACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1586Ellora Cave 21MahishasuramardhiniPanel Left Of ShrineACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1587Ellora Cave 21Dancing SivaPanel Right OfShrineACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1588Ellora Cave 21Dancing SivaDetail Of Slide 1587ACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1589Ellora Cave 29Dumar LenaView Of SiteACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1590Ellora Cave 29Dumar Lena Left CourtLooking Towards
  13. 13. River Goddess YamunaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1591Ellora Cave 29Dumar LenaFacadeACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1592Ellora Cave 29Dumar LenaAndhakhasuravadhaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1593Ellora Cave 29Dumar LenaRavana Shaking MountKailasaACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1594Ellora Cave 29Dumar LenaDancing Siva PanelThe Left Of EntranceACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1595Ellora Cave 29Dumar LenaDancing SivaView Of ShrineACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1596ElloraGanesh Lena CaveGeneral ViewACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1597ElloraGanesh Lena CaveVerandah Ceiling PtgACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1598Ellora
  14. 14. Ganesh Lena CaveVerandah Ceiling PtgMahayagi&CelestialACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1599ElloraGanesh Lena CaveVerandah Ceiling PtgACSAA Slide (C)AAAUMArc India 1600ElloraGanesh Lena CaveVerandah Ceiling PtgLingodhbhavamurtiACSAA Slide (C)AAAUM