Rackspace the open cloud company


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Two years ago, Rackspace made the massive commitment to be the open alternative in cloud computing. That vision is now a reality.

Last week, Rackspace officially launched the open cloud, a suite of cloud solutions built on the OpenStack cloud platform that Rackspace founded. Additionally, Rackspace has made it official that Rackspace is the open cloud company and will continue to take a leadership role in open source cloud development. And on top of it all will be Rackspace's trademark Fanatical Support.

To herald the era of Fanatical Support on the open cloud, Rackspace producer and video storyteller Dave Sims captured it all as part of his "Day In The Life" video series; short films shot and edited in a single day that illustrate what's happening here at Rackspace. This video was shot and edited on Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012.

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