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Training pocess of training institute(2)

Study of Traing process of Training institute

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Training pocess of training institute(2)

  1. 1. SUBMITTED BY : RACHIT KAPOOR MBA 2015-2017 PRN : 15020441195 ROLL NO:C-32
  2. 2.  Cognitel is India’s premier learning services provider for ICT Sector.  Cognitel Services are being used by an impressive list companies that include top telecom service Provider.  Cognitel Provide flexible learning mechanisms through its uniquely built Platform.  It follows both methods of teaching traditional classroom and Online Teaching.
  3. 3. Rachit Kapoor MBA 2015-2017 PRN:15020441195 ROLL NO:C-32
  4. 4. List of Courses Offered By Institute Target Customers Training Facilities Available In institute
  5. 5. Class Room Training Virtual Training E- Learning
  6. 6. Marketing Team Finance Team Trainer Team
  7. 7. Judge the requirement of Training Provide the Solution as per Requirement Provide Costing of The Solution with Help of Finance Team Get The requirement of level Of study of Customer Give the Requirement to Trainer Team
  8. 8. Preparing The quotation for the Course Providing the Financial support for Training Preparing and Collection the Bills and then
  9. 9. Find out the type of training Requirement Find out the Level of Training Decide the Methodology Of Training Preparing The Material As per Requirement
  10. 10. Delivering of Course Course Feedback Study Of Feed Back Ready For Next Course including the Betterment as per previous Feedback
  11. 11.  The Customers Satisfaction is Most Important in all the field  Here Customers are trainee  Work on Trainees feedback  Improve the quality of Training  Always Including new technology