Media evalutaions Q3


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Media evalutaions Q3

  1. 1. Question ThreeWhat kind of media institution mightdistribute your media product andwhy?Rachel Gascoigne
  2. 2. I looked at various different media institutions that distribute romanticcomedy films during the research period of this assignment, and foundmany that may be suitable for the distribution of our own product.Looking on reliable sites such as The and IMDb it waseasy to find many film companies that distribute romantic comediesregularly. I chose three incredibly popular companies who have alldistributed really popular RomComs, that could easily distribute ourproduct as they have all distributed something similar to it over time.On the next slide there is a screenshot from the website, The Numbers.I have highlighted only some of the films that have been distributed bythe three companies I identified. All of which are popular and havemade good domestic gross.
  3. 3. I think Universal Pictures would distribute our film because of itsextensive list of romantic comedies the company have distributed.As well as distributing many other genres, the general type of filmis in fact Romantic Comedy. For example, Leap Year and The FiveYear Engagement.Our film opening, being part of the RomCom genre will appeal toUniversal Pictures usual audience, that enjoy comedy drama.Although it is hard to define a specific target audience forUniversal because of their widespread film list, with differinggenres.I believe our film will appeal to Universal as the narrative hassimilarities to the storylines of some films they havedistributed, like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a film from a malesperspective much like ours.Click for trailer ^
  4. 4. Universal are famous worldwide, and are wellknown for their international success. They’reone of the oldest movie distributers, beingfounded in 1912!They distribute their films digitally andconventionally, meaning they not only screenthe films in cinemas worldwide, they also sellDVD and the newly popular Blu-ray versions oftheir films too. By doing this they haveproliferation in sales and are also keeping theiraudiences happy, as they can watch theirfavourite films whenever they like.They also sell clips and full movie versions ofsome of their more famous films on theNBCUniversal Archives.Universal not only distribute films, they alsodistribute TV shows using their subsidiaryNBCUniversal Television Distribution.Along with all this, they have two major themeparks, much like the DisneyWorld ones inFlorida and Paris. Universal Studios parks aresituated in 4 places, and feature rides basedaround their films and lifelike film experiencesfor all ages.
  5. 5. All Universal films each have their own trailers made to advertise the product. Thetrailers are produced and publicised near the time of the films release. Thesetrailers are then distributed all over, in the cinema before a main film is played(typically one similar to the same genre as the trailer), on TV as adverts, billboardposters or posters in bus shelters, and sometimes even on the radio, taking audiofrom the film instead of video clips.In the cinema when watching a trailer distributed by Universal, the infamous ‘worldlogo’ is shown and immediately the audience recognise it, this is then attractingthe target audience.Universal use technical convergence extensively!The majority of the films Universal distribute also have their own interactivewebsite. The sites often include the various trailers that have been made foradvertisement, a ‘Meet the characters’ page, where you can find out a little moreabout the characters within the film, usually in a fact file style format, a pagedescribing the movie, telling you the ins and outs of the story and sometimes stillshots of some of the footage.
  6. 6. Looking back on the research I didinto distribution companies it isclear I could have put a little moreeffort into it, especially looking intothe company and their distributionof the romantic comedy genre.I looked at the company TwentiethCentury Fox because of itspopularity and the amount of filmsI had heard of that had beendistributed by them.I feel I should have researched thetype of films they produce in moredetail, especially with regards toour film openings genre, this wouldhad perhaps aided the planningand preparation of tackling thisevaluation question.
  7. 7. I believe Universal is the right distribution company forour film. The company have experience in distributingfilms of the same genre as our film opening, all ofwhich have done very well for themselves.Their target audience is very broad, depending on thefilm genre/type, but the audience aremainstream, which allowed us to take the film in anydirection and make it stand out, but still remain tokeep originality, so it can appeal to anyone.