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Why dynamic-keyword-insertion-for-landing-pages-is-challenging


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Dynamic keyword insertion for landing pages remains challenging up to this day. That's because webmasters and online marketers have yet to comprehend how it is done correctly.

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Why dynamic-keyword-insertion-for-landing-pages-is-challenging

  1. 1. Dynamic keyword insertion for landing pagesremains challenging up to this day. Thats becausewebmasters and online marketers have yet tocomprehend how it is done correctly. Much of it hasto do with old, outdated beliefs that result inrepercussions from Google and other searchengines. To understand why its such a challenge touse a dynamic keyword insertion plugin on webpages, read on.
  2. 2. First of all, lets clarify our definition of "landingpages." It can be a squeeze page, which contains aweb form where visitors opt in. It can also be a salesletter, which aims to convert the visitor into a buyer.It can also be a simple information page thatcontains the companys contact number or storeaddress. It is the first page the visitor lands on fromthe referring site or advertisement. Now, lets diveinto dynamic keyword insertion for landing pages.
  3. 3. Problems usually occur because of the belief that fordynamic pages to succeed, they must be created bysoftware – worst, manually – in advance. "Dynamic"plugins have always been thought of as pagegenerators, which create pages with the same content.The only difference youll notice is the change in thedynamic keywords. Using a dynamic keywordinsertion plugin in this strategy, however, can backfireon you.
  4. 4. For example, you risk many of the pages beingfiltered by search engines as "duplicate content."Some experts suggest that Google demotes duplicatepages. According to some SEO experts though, searchengines dont actually penalise these types of pages.Rather, the pages only rank lower than the pagewhich is deemed original. Whichever explanation youbelieve, you risk lower search engine rankings whenusing software to create very similar pages. Thatperhaps is the major challenge in using dynamickeyword insertion for landing pages.
  5. 5. So, website and business owners are torn. Will they create200 similar pages with dynamic keywords and risk therepercussions of duplicate content tagging? Or will theydo nothing and not try dynamic landing pages? Theanswer actually lies in finding the right software. To takeout the challenge, take the time to look for a plugin thatcreates dynamic pages with unique URLs in real-time.The pages it creates must also be indexed – quickly – bysearch engines. Fulfil these two criteria and the riddle issolved. So, if youre looking to use dynamic keywordinsertion for landing pages, heres what you should do.Look for a dynamic keyword replacer software, not atypical page generator.