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believe	  a	  work/life	  balance	  is	  essential	  to	  creating	  personal	                             and	  professio...
                              	  Mon.	  	     8.15.11	     Do	  you	  know	  which	  city	  this	  is?!	  Hint:	  We	  hav...
                          	  Fri.	     8.19.11	     This	  week	  is	  Little	  League	  World	  Series	  Week!	  Did	  an...
 Wed.	  	     8.24.11	     REMINDER:	  Tomorrow	  is	  Thursday!	  That	  means	  we	  will	  be	                         ...
 Wed.	     8.31.11	     Tomorrow	  is	  the	  first	  date	  of	  September,	  which	  is	  National	                     ...
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Content Plan August 2011


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Content Plan August 2011

  1. 1.     Discover  Careers   Social  Media  Content  Plan      Day   Date   Post  Tues.     8.2.11   Thank  you  to  everyone  who  has  “liked”  our  page  so  far!  Did   you  know  you  can  also  follow  us  on  LinkedIn?!  Follow  us  here:­‐financial-­‐ services      Thurs.   8.4.11   INTERVIEW  TIP:  After  an  interview,  it  can  be  helpful  to  give   yourself  a  self-­‐evaluation.  Decide  which  questions  were  the   most  difficult  to  answer,  and  which  questions  you  felt  you   were  most  successful  in  answering.  This  can  help  you  to  do   better  on  future  interviews!        Mon.   8.8.11   This  week  is  Exercise  With  Your  Child  Week!  At  Discover,  we   Edited  RT,  August  2,  2011  
  2. 2. believe  a  work/life  balance  is  essential  to  creating  personal   and  professional  happiness,  so  spend  some  time  exercising   with  your  child  this  week!  Let  us  know  what  types  of  exercises   you  do!  If  you’re  interested  in  a  career  with  Discover,  browse   our  openings  at      Thurs.   8.11.11   Are  you  a  college  student  looking  for  a  dynamic  opportunity   to  work  for  an  employer  with  one  of  the  most  recognized   brands  in  US  financial  services?  Or  do  you  know  a  college   student  seeking  a  great  career?  Check  out  our  Discover   Leadership  Program!     Edited  RT,  August  2,  2011  
  3. 3.    Mon.     8.15.11   Do  you  know  which  city  this  is?!  Hint:  We  have  an  office  here!       Answer:  Phoenix  Wed.     8.17.11   Resume  Tip:  Are  you  open  to  relocation?  Planning  to  move   soon?  Highlight  that  in  your  resume!  It’s  important  that   recruiters  know  whether  you  are  genuinely  open  to  a  position   in  an  alternate  location.     Edited  RT,  August  2,  2011  
  4. 4.    Fri.   8.19.11   This  week  is  Little  League  World  Series  Week!  Did  anyone   ever  dream  of  becoming  a  professional  athlete  when  they   were  younger?  Check  out  our  current  openings,  and  maybe   you’ll  find  your  new  dream  job  at  Discover!        Mon.   8.22.11   We  are  proud  to  be  named  among  the  Top  20  Places  to  Work   by  the  @Chicago  Tribune  and  @Delaware  News  Journal.   Apply  for  a  position  with  us  today!  [waiting  for  verification   from  legal]     Edited  RT,  August  2,  2011  
  5. 5.  Wed.     8.24.11   REMINDER:  Tomorrow  is  Thursday!  That  means  we  will  be   having  an  online  chat  from  11am-­‐12pm  ET  and  again  from   4pm-­‐5pm  ET  to  answer  your  career  questions!  Click  here  and   click  the  “online  chat”  button  to  join!        Fri.     8.26.11   True  or  false:  It’s  pointless  to  request  an  interview  with  a   company  that  isn’t  hiring.     *After  a  few  people  have  answered  the  poll,  I  will  leave  a   comment:  False!  Requesting  an  informational  interview  with   a  company  is  a  great  way  to  get  your  foot  in  the  door.  It  can   also  help  you  be  top  of  mind  consideration  when  a  position   does  pop  up!  Mon.   8.29.11   We  have  an  office  here!  Can  you  guess  which  city  this  is?!     Edited  RT,  August  2,  2011  
  6. 6.  Wed.   8.31.11   Tomorrow  is  the  first  date  of  September,  which  is  National   Update  Your  Resume  Month!  Update  your  resume,  and  apply   for  a  position  at  Discover!           Edited  RT,  August  2,  2011