PW PI 1SC2 2012 Grp 5


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Trial Project Work Prelim Idea. Group 5.

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  • Elaborate a lot 1)Singapore tourism 2)Everyone must play a part. Only a handful of conscious ppl will not do. 3)Raising aesthetic level
  • jacomus
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  • Afraid that no participation
  • Singapore Postbox Design Competition
  • In support of YOG, Singpost threw this postbox design competition…overwhelming number of submitted designs and student participation
  • PW PI 1SC2 2012 Grp 5

    1. 1. PW 1SC2 Group 5Group members: Shirlyn Yap Hillary Goh Lim Kim Aerin Jacomus Lim Rachel Tay
    2. 2. Partnering OrganisationSingapore Environmental Council (SEC)
    3. 3. ArmsIndustrialEducationalCommunity
    4. 4. Aims of SEC To set new sustainability standards for urban development To educate and empower communities to lead green lifestyles To conserve biodiversity in the urban environment
    5. 5. Past Projects of the SECSchool’s Green Audit AwardECO-OFFICEEarth Helpers
    6. 6. Project TitleSo Environmentally Conscious
    7. 7. About the projectRubbish/recycling bin decorating competition!
    8. 8. Project Objectives Raise awareness about the plight of our crumbling environment and how it will affect Singapore tourism Help to spread the importance of keeping Singapore clean to all parties involved Produce some aesthetically-pleasing rubbish bins, a stark contrast from the commonplace plain green bins Engage passers-by to do their part in keeping the environment clean
    9. 9. Description Students across Singapore can get into groups of 3 to 4 and sign up for the competition. Groups must submit an outline of their design along with the names and schools of all participating members to organisers. Deadline will be on 30th March Their drawings must be based on the theme of everyone playing a part in keeping Singapore clean and green.
    10. 10. Description 40 shortlisted groups will beinformed and be told to prepare their own art materials and supplies. Groups will come together to a certain venue to start their embellishment of the bins 3 weeks after the submission, on the 15th of April.
    11. 11. Description Judges will then judge the decorations according to different criteria such as creativity, originality and its relevance to the theme. These bins will then be placed in public places to be used and also to alert passing Singaporeans of their need to play a part in being environmentally conscious.
    12. 12. Permissions At least one teacher per school for each group (for adult supervision). Permission from the schools would be required. Permission from the Singapore Botanical Gardens, for it to be used as the venue where students will decorate the bins at. Permission from the NEA to provide the bins for the competition.
    13. 13. Financial Issues• Bins (clean and new ones) required for thestudents to work on.As the bins used for the competition would bethe current 100 out of the 1500 bins inSingapore, there will not be any cost incurredfor the bins.
    14. 14. Recycling Bin to be decorated
    15. 15. Financial Issues• Basic environmentally friendly art suppliessuch as paints will be provided for eachgroup. However, sponsorships can be obtained from Singapore’s various Art shops (eg Artfriend, Paper Market, Typo, etc) to supply the students with basic art materials.
    16. 16. Human Resources Facilitators from SEC and the 3 judges, Chairman of SEC, Ms Isabella Loh, the two vice-chairmen, Prof Leo Tan Wee Hin and Dr Teo Ho Pin. Each facilitator will brief 5 groups and supervise the activity with the help of the teachers from each group (giving out the paints etc). Student participants themselves!
    17. 17. Physical Resources The Botanical Gardens must be contacted to get permission to execute the large-scale event there. The Botanical Gardens will be scouted to ensure enough spaces for the bins to transported and decorated without disturbing the public at the Botanical Gardens.
    18. 18. Potential Problems Not enough publicity of theevent Not enough student participants
    19. 19. Resolving the problem of:Insufficient Publicity Schools can be informed via email of this competition. Students can then be alerted of this competition through their schools. Distribution of leaflets Online campaigning (through facebook, twitter, etc)
    20. 20. Potential problem of: Insufficient student participationYear 2007:Singapore PostboxDecoratingCompetitionTheme: Celebratingthe Sg Spirit
    21. 21. Year 2011:YOG themedpostbox designcompetition
    22. 22. Feasibility Permissions required should be generally easy to attain as the good publicity of the event would reflect well on the supporting companies as it is for the environment. Financially possible as a it is not relatively expensive for such a large project and costs can be covered with donations from exterior organisations. Human resources will not be difficult to arrange for the event. As seen by above examples, students are very willing to participate.
    23. 23. Conclusion Let’s keep our environment green!