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Nouns (singular & plural)


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Lesson about nouns(singular & plural). For grade 6/5/4

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Nouns (singular & plural)

  2. 2. NOUNS (SINGULAR & PLURAL) • Most nouns may be written in the singular (one) or the plural (more than one) form. • Most nouns follow rules for making the plural form.
  3. 3. MOST NOUNS JUST ADD S •One tree •Two trees
  4. 4. MOST NOUNS ENDING IN F OR FE TAKE VES •One leaf •Two leaves
  5. 5. NOUNS ENDING IN SH, S OR X ADD ES •One bush •Two bushes
  6. 6. NOUNS ENDING IN A CONSONANT +Y TAKE IES •One daisy •Two daisies
  7. 7. SOME NOTES
  8. 8. • Words ending in ‘s’, ‘x’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’ and ‘o’ take es. • Example: kiss-kisses, fox- foxes, church-churches, lash- lashes, hero-heroes • Be careful for some exceptions with words ending in ‘o’. • If a word is a musical instrument, it ends in ’oo’ or it is a shortened word add only ‘s’ • Examples: piano-pianos, igloo-igloos, photo-photos
  9. 9. • Words ending in a consonant ‘y’ change the ‘y’ and the ‘i’ and take ‘es • Example: baby-babies
  10. 10. • Words ending in a vowel and ‘y’ take ‘s’ • Example: boy-boys
  11. 11. • Words ending in ‘f/fe’ change the ‘f/fe’ into ‘v’ and take ‘es’. • Example: loaf-loaves • wife-wives • Be careful for some exceptions. • Example: chief-chiefs
  12. 12. • Most of the remaining words end in ‘s’. • Example: flap-flaps • ship-ships
  13. 13. • Watch out for irregular plural. • Example: sheep-sheep • radius-radii • man-men