Swot analysis findings


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Swot analysis findings

  1. 1. SWOT Analysis Findings Rachel Rountree
  2. 2. My VisionTo have our teachers usingtechnology for instruction at aminimum of 75% of the time.Teachers using technology toachieve higher level thinkinglevels according to BloomsTaxonomy. Image found: http://www.odu.edu/educ/roverbau/Bloom/blooms_t axonomy.htm
  3. 3. My VisionTo have the school make availablemore training opportunities fortechnology and more time fortechnology development.
  4. 4. My School’s Current RealityEvery classroom has: SmartBoard Elmo document camera iRespond student response system mounted projector
  5. 5. My School’s Current RealityThere is no school plan for technology or sharedvision. Instead the school uses the county’stechnology plan. Although much of the informationdoes not apply to our specific school. Image from: www.cobbk12.org
  6. 6. My School’s Current RealityThe majority of the teachers are already using theSmartBoard everyday as instructional support in theirclassroom. Aside from the SmartBoard, manyteachers are not branching out to use other types oftechnologies in their classroom. Image found: http://obliveus.com/?p=324
  7. 7. What’s next? Create a “shared vision” or technology plan that is unique to our school. More training opportunities on new technologies that we have available to the school. Planning time for creating and developing lessons and activities involving technology.Image found:
  8. 8. Image found: http://themadjewess.com/2009/12/06/the-sun-has-set-on-the-age-of-aquarius-the-60s-hippies-are-dead/