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eRecruiting with Social Media


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Presentation for NYSACAC on June 4, 2009

Published in: Education, Technology
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eRecruiting with Social Media

  1. 1. eRecruiting with Social Media Shana Circe Director of On-Campus Recruitment Rachel Reuben Director of Web Communication & Strategic Projects State University of New York at New Paltz
  2. 2. about SUNY New Paltz 15,594 applications (11% increase) 1,100 enrolled first-year students 23,000 visitors avg GPA: 90 avg SAT: 1160, ACT: 25
  3. 3. about New Paltz admissions 3 admission counselors 1 assoc. director 1 director 1 director, on-campus recruitment
  4. 4. dilemma how do we connect more with our students without increasing staff?
  5. 5. overview: tools & quick poll Facebook MySpace YouTube blogs Twitter flickr Ning
  6. 6. collaboration undergraduate admissions Web services marketing functions social media is an add-on, not a replacement
  7. 7. Facebook Fan Page launched in Nov. 2007 Over 4,000 fans thousands of wall posts & interaction with fans primary audience: prospective students team behind the scenes: 8
  8. 8. YouTube launched branded partner channel in Dec. 2008 requires academic content & branding have received inquiries from prospects via inbox
  9. 9. blogs for recruiting npbloggers abroadblogs iibblogs athletic coaches
  10. 10. Twitter @newpaltz @nphawks @NPAdmissions
  11. 11. flickr embed slideshows within & Facebook Fan Page
  12. 12. what is Ning? like Facebook an online platform for users to create their own social Web sites and social networks forums, videos, events, groups, personal profiles premium services / costs
  13. 13. online community for fall 2009 accepted students
  14. 14. admissions strategy Accept ~4,400 students Enroll ~1,100 students Accept ~1,400 early action students Maximize most highly selective students
  15. 15. admissions strategy sticker on accept packet invite students (upload file from Banner) early action accepts Jan 1 - Feb. 21 launched 1/2/09, invited 1,323 all accepted students Feb. 21 - May 1 invited 1,000 initially, then batches every 2 weeks all transfer students mid-April - on
  16. 16. Café New Paltz: content Baristas Regular updates (videos with custom jingle) Daily interaction, encouragement, conversation starters & joiners “Café-shaped conversations” personal, intellectual
  17. 17. Café New Paltz: results Members: 690 Paid PED: 52% 70% from highest selectivity group Photos: 1,168 Videos: 22 Forums: 93
  18. 18. Café New Paltz: anecdotes “I must be going. I’m definitely going to login again though. This is an amazing resource.” “Yeah, this is a pretty great thing set up here.” “Yeah, I’ve never run across a school with something this helpful & people this nice before! It’s great!” “I am really liking Café New Paltz. It is making it a lot easier to adjust & I think between this & orientation we should be good. :)”
  19. 19. eRecruiting with social media where to start “I don’t have time...” making the case listening - “grow bigger ears”
  20. 20. another spoke in the wheel flickr credit: nickso
  21. 21. our secrets answer questions promptly join in the conversation, encourage interaction show examples at group tours & general info sessions include links in e-mail correspondence bags interact postcards, Web site
  22. 22. best practices YouTube: UC Berkeley flickr pool: The University of New Mexico blogs: Ball State University & Butler University Twitter: @drexeladmission
  23. 23. things to consider loss of control time commitment information overload anyone can create an “official” account for your university
  24. 24. measurement ROI --> return on influence long tail effect Café New Paltz yield more highly selective students think outside the box - Ning limitations & programming quality not quantity (# of fans/followers/subscribers)
  25. 25. Facebook comparison school #1 school #2 school #3 4,391 fans 2,662 fans 4,064 fans 4 wall posts 29 wall posts 29 wall posts - all by school - 24 by school - 21 fan ?’s - 2 fan ?’s - 5 by school - 3 fan stmts - 3 fan stmts
  26. 26. ? ? Rachel Reuben questions Shana Circe site: Twitter: @Shana729 blog: Twitter: @rachelreuben