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My abstract for the eduWeb Conference 2012 was awfully ambitious. I thought I could cover all of these topics in a one hour session (which includes time for Q&A). So, instead I decided to crowdsource the presentation by putting up all of the topics we could talk about and the crowd picked the top three. We ended up touching on nearly everything in this deck at least a bit, but generally at a 50,000 foot view.

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  • 400 years of higher ed -- hang our hats on two things: content & credentialing\n
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  • Tips for buy-in:\n - prezo: where we’re going, where we are, how we’re going to get there\n - CMAC\n - re-org - put right people in right positions; MCMs in each school\n - \n
  • New brand statement, identity and core messages\n\nNew logo and visual identity\n\nNew identity standards\n\nNew templates\n\nNew brand awareness advertising campaign\n
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  • challenges\nopportunities\n
  • how it’s working\nnot just one time fix & done; ongoing assessment - flexible & fluid\nresources: completely through reallocation of existing budget\n
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  • priority setting for workload and human & financial resources\n\n
  • Every piece of merchandise with our trademarked name and protected terms needs to be approved through the licensing program.\n\nFiled for trademark in June 2010 for “Ithaca College,” received in April 2011, program implemented in July 2011. \nPartner = SMA\nBrand protection, brand awareness, consistency\nProtected terms = Ithaca College, IC, Bombers, Bomber nation, Ithaca _____\nColors = navy, gold, black, white, gray, tan, light pink\nFonts = block/print only, no script\nOfficial artwork requires (R) and TM\nIdentity standards for merchandise\nApproval process\n
  • Mantra for this section: GOALS THEN TOOLS\n
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  • - customer service\n- patience, diplomacy, persistence\n- political savviness, common sense\n- knowing when to pull experts in vs. DIY (when resources allow)\n- data, data, data (analytics, trends, insights, marketing dashboard)\n- realistic expectation setting\n- intergenerational workplace\n- speed\n- social media at core\n
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  • Choose your own adventure marketing mashup

    1. 1. Choose your own adventure marketing mashup Advertised as: Threads of Change in Marketing Communications Rachel ReubenAssociate Vice President, Marketing Communications title credit: @plautmaayan
    2. 2. I’m nuts.Walk through Ithaca College’s recent rebranding effortTalk about how I re-organized my department to support this effortHow to build an institutional strategic marketing planHow to build a licensing and trademark enforcement programHow to evaluate emerging technologies that may aid or hinder marketingeffortsRole of social mediaChanging roles and skill sets for marcom pros
    3. 3. Rebranding Effort: ProblemsNo single core message(s) used college-wideLogo did not contain the word “College,” making advertising out of theimmediate area challengingPrint + web (or anything else) were not integratedExtremely siloed structure
    4. 4. Rebranding Effort: ProblemsLogo gardenDeclining demographicsIncreased competitionSupport college’s strategic plan: IC 20/20
    5. 5. Brand Identity DevelopmentTimingTips for achieving buy-inPartners in research and identity developmentCreative developmentLaunch & implementation plan
    6. 6. The resultsNew brand promiseNew brand statementNew core messagesNew logo, visual identity and Identity Standards bookNew Ready campaignNew templatesReskinned websiteBrand awareness advertising campaign
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Re-org!
    9. 9. Change is scary.
    10. 10. Change is good.Change is forward-thinking.Change is building a solid foundation.Change is adapting to current & future needs.Change is taking risks.Change is needed.Change is good.
    11. 11. July 2010
    12. 12. Client Marketing Recruitment Communication Creative Services Services Marketing✦ Media relations ✦ Cross-platform visual ✦ School-based MCMs ✦ Undergraduate Admission✦ Social media designers/developers ✦ Project management ✦ Creative copywriting✦ Web communication ✦ Print production ✦ Sports information ✦ Recruitment magazine✦ Alumni magazine ✦ Photography✦ Writers/editors ✦ Video production✦ Crisis communication Graduate marketing brand management & IMC
    13. 13. July 2012
    14. 14. Building anInstitutional Strategic Marketing Plan
    15. 15. ISMPIntroSituational analysisGoals (SMART!)StrategiesTactical overview
    16. 16. Licensing & Trademark Enforcement Program
    17. 17. Evaluating emerging technologies that may aid or hinder marketing efforts
    18. 18. Our toolboxactiveCollab DropboxGoogle Analytics & Urchin readMediaVocus CMS = home grownHoot Suite Fire Engine RedSprout Social Social EngineGoogle sites (wiki & docs) Intuit QuickBase - coming
    19. 19. AheadEditorial workflow content management systemMagazines on iPads (iAuthor)
    20. 20. Ithaca College is social
    21. 21. Text@ithacacollege
    22. 22.
    23. 23. Managing social mediaMultimedia Content SpecialistTraining sessionsForm for student organizations private Twitter list to monitorSocial media strategies and coordination group (academic schools)
    24. 24. Our social media toolboxListening stations & alerts Analytics/Measurement Sprout Social Sprout Social Hoot Suite Vocus Tweet Deck Google Analytics Vocus Social Ping Tweetbot Facebook Insights Google Alerts
    25. 25. Managing Social MediaIdentity Standards - social media section standards templates pride themes
    26. 26. Social media - engagement & integration
    27. 27. Changing roles & skills for marcom professionals
    28. 28. Questions? Rachel ReubenAssociate Vice President, Marketing Communications @rachelreuben