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Getting Started with F#


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Published in: Technology
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Getting Started with F#

  1. 1. GETTING STARTED Rachel Reese WITH F#, @rachelreese
  2. 2. F# SWEET SPOTS & BENEFITS• Algorithmic analysis of large data sets & technical computing;• Code that uses units of measure (scientific, gaming, finance, search engines);• Code Exploration (using F# interactive);• Lack of bugs (no state = no edge cases, easier to read and maintain, minimized bookkeeping code);• Interoperability with other .NET languages;• Parallelism. F# is not just about lambda syntax.
  3. 3. IMMUTABILITY Purpose: To make functions in programming more like math functions. x = x + 1  acceptable code sin(π/2) = sin(π/2) + 1  nonsense math Benefits:• No side effects. Once a result is worked out, it doesn’t change.
  5. 5. MORE SAMPLES & RESOURCES• MSDN F# home:• F# 3 Sample Pack: F# 3.0 Sample Pack• F# Koans:• Try F#: or• Skills Matter:• Community contributed samples:• Wikibook:• Chat rooms: or• FPish:
  6. 6. GETTING STARTED Rachel Reese WITH F#, @rachelreese