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Media tech!

  1. 1. + How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Living in an age where technology forms and shapes todays society allowed me to useand explore a wide of media texts when producing my media product (music video).Being a keen media student the opportunity to use software and technologies that Iwouldn’t normally have access to made me really excited and pushed me to make mymusic video to a high quality.In this power point I am going to demonstrate what media technologies I used toproduce and distribute my music video.
  2. 2. + iMovie I used iMovie on my mac to compose my music video together. Me and Emma thought about using ‘Final Cut Pro’ to edit our video however when thinking about what transitions and editing techniques we wanted to use and include in our video we concluded that iMovie would fulfill our requirements! I used iMovie before editing our actual video to get familiar, for example we edited our first audience feedback video using iMovie. This paid off as when we actually edited our video we were confident with how to use the conventions of the program. I was also confident using my macbook, compared to last year and I think was reflected in my end product.
  3. 3. + Lumux HD Camera Me and Emma used this camera to film all our footage for our music video and take photos. The quality of film improved the end product as it made the music video more aesthetically pleasing for our audience.
  4. 4. + Blogger I used blogger to create my media blog to post all stages of my production. This allowed me to view all my thoughts clearly and remind myself about my plans. I found the site east to use as I became familiar with it since I also used this blogging site last year to record my AS level media studies.
  5. 5. + Slideshare / Powerpoint I used ‘Microsoft Powerpoint’ to create this presentation and uploaded it to ‘slideshare’ to distribute it!
  6. 6. + Adobe Photoshop / Instagram I used ‘Adobe Photoshop’ to create my ancillary poster and album cover. I also edited some photos that were featured in the film (scrapbook/mirror scene) using Instagram on my iPhone. Both programs are really simple and easy to use, however this is because I often use both.
  7. 7. + Photobucket / Flickr After creating an account I uploaded various photos to Photobucket to create an online mood board. Which allowed me to digitally present my initial thoughts. I embedded the slide show on my blog by attaching a link. Similary I did this with Flickr as I uploaded my ancillaries and it allowed me to ‘add notes’ so I could deconstruct my poster and album cover.
  8. 8. + Youtube / Quicktime Youtube was the main sharing program I used as I added video diaries, rough cuts and the end cut to it. I also used Quicktime to capture a screen recording of me using iMovie to edit the tones of a certain clip. I found Quicktime very easy to use and it visually demonstrates how a create certain things without using words to describe.
  9. 9. + Google / Da font I used the internet throughout the whole production of my video. I mainly used it to research previous products. Also used Da Font as it allowed me use and find relevant fonts for my ancillary texts which added another visual dimension to my products.
  10. 10. + Facebook / Twitter In the evaluation stage of my video I shared my video using twitter and facebook to get audience feedback. This allowed me to understand what my audience wanted to see and thought about my music video.
  11. 11. + Conclusion  I have gained a in-depth understanding about the importance of new media technologies. Web 2.0 allows people to communicate with others with a simple click of a button. It also has allowed consumers evolve into producers, much like me and Emma have done. This is because of social networking; sites like facebook, youtube and twitter allow anyone to create and share. Because of Web 2.0 I can also directly access my audience and connect with them as I delve into their desires.