Communications Planning


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Communications Planning

  2. 2. Who are we trying to reach?<br /><ul><li>Age
  3. 3. Gender
  4. 4. Geographic location
  5. 5. Education
  6. 6. Level of income
  7. 7. Interests</li></li></ul><li>How will we reach them?<br /><ul><li>Earned media
  8. 8. Partnerships
  9. 9. Paid media
  10. 10. Blog ads
  11. 11. Google AdWords</li></li></ul><li>Brand and style guide<br />What are our communications like?<br />Brand<br /><ul><li>What emotions does our organization evoke in people?
  12. 12. What are we known for?</li></ul>Style guide<br /><ul><li>Logo
  13. 13. Colors
  14. 14. Fonts
  15. 15. Voice/tone</li></li></ul><li>Messaging<br />What do we want to say?<br />We want our communications to be:<br /><ul><li>Clear
  16. 16. Focused
  17. 17. Concise
  18. 18. Engaging
  19. 19. Unique
  20. 20. Memorable</li></ul>What do we want our supporters to do?<br />Asking for “help” and “support” is too vague<br />Are we being specific?<br />
  21. 21. Our plans:<br />Brand and style guide<br /><ul><li>Define what our brand is currently (A) and what we want it to be (B)
  22. 22. Create a plan to get from A to B
  23. 23. Create a style guide and update all communications to match it</li></li></ul><li>Our plans:<br />Messaging<br /><ul><li>Decide what we want to say and what we want our supporters to do
  24. 24. Look through all communications to evaluate our messaging for clarity, focus, conciseness, engagement, uniqueness, and memorability
  25. 25. Update all communications to match our messaging</li></li></ul><li>Our plans:<br />Strategies<br /><ul><li>Relationship building with media outlets
  26. 26. Consistently generate press releases to report on our fundraising events, our stories, and our successes and milestones
  27. 27. Write letters to the editor (and blog posts?) in response to relevant newspaper articles or organizational news
  28. 28. Decide how we’d like to use partnerships and/or paid media to promote the organization</li>