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This Is Your Life


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90th birthday

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This Is Your Life

  1. 1. Happy 90th Birthday
  3. 3. 11 th November 1918 The end of world war one Bobs father dies before he arrives
  4. 4. April 14 th 1919 Robert James is born to Rose an addition to older sister Lucy
  5. 5. Rose and Lucy are living in Oswin street
  6. 6. They live toghether with his Aunt Kath and cousins John, Nin Rene and Squib
  7. 7. An important part of childhood was church where Bobs mum worked and where he was angelic choir boy!
  8. 8. At an early age bobs love of music begins as his Aunt Kit pays for his piano lessons, he repays by being page boy!
  9. 9. At 14 yrs old he goes to work with his Uncle Joe in the family roofing business.
  10. 10. At 16 he had an operation on his ear and joins the white collar brigade when his Dads sister Kit gets him an office job – of course he’s suitably dapper, seen here with cousin John
  11. 11. Aunt Kit plays an important role in socialising with family parties galore
  12. 12. War breaks out in 1939 and Bob is called up at the tender age of 20, his admirers say their goodbyes
  13. 13. But they don’t have to wait long as due to his ear problems he doesn’t pass the medical! He supports the effort by providing entertainment with his band (note the dashing trumpet player Charlie!)
  14. 14. Bob meets plenty of lovely ladies in the office but one in particular catches his eye
  15. 15. Bob cares for his mum and in 1946 she passes away.
  16. 16. In 1948 Bob marries Margaret Harris
  17. 17. They move into their own house in Oswin street above Nellie Keanes Hat shop, here begins Margarets love for shopping
  18. 18. Bob eventually gives up the band to concentrate on night classes and qualifies as a company accountant although he was always called upon at any suitable occasions
  19. 19. In 1953 Bob and Margaret have their first daughter Diane
  20. 20. In 1956 Bob and Margaret join the elite (?!) and buy their first house in the suburbs of Herne Hill
  21. 21. Family is still close by and they enjoy evenings out together
  22. 22. 1957 their family is completed by the arrival of Jane
  23. 23. In addition to the new house a few years later the first car is bought from uncle Joe
  24. 24. The Austin Somerset is used in family outings to Margate.
  25. 25. 1964 The move is made to Epsom where they are reunited with Squib, John and Rene, who has now married Wally. Extended family plays an important part of the Harris's life
  26. 26. 1966 marked the year of the first family holiday abroad to Austria, it would be the first of many
  27. 27. Around this time and the move to Epsom Bob takes a keep interest in Golf as well as encouraging his children’s hobbies!
  28. 28. Diane and Jane are getting older and the family enjoy Masonic ladies nights
  29. 29. 1976 Diane has graduated from Lampeter in Wales where she meets and marries David and they move to live in Guernsey
  30. 30. 1978 Jane has graduated from Kings college as a physio and moves to Somerset 1978 Bob gets made redundant but finds two new jobs and eventually becomes director of one 1979 Diane moves to Kent 1981 Jane goes to work in Australia for a year….
  31. 31. 1983 – Jane meets Pat in Oz and they get married in England in Bobs thermal golfing long johns
  32. 32. 1984 – Diane has a baby girl Rachel who becomes grand daughter no 1
  33. 33. 1984 6 months later Jane and Pat also have a baby girl Lisa and a visit to Australia is in order
  34. 34. 1986 Bob finally retires and they move from Epsom to Hythe to be closer to daughter and grand daughter
  35. 35. They soon take over parties and have the first of many visits from Australian family
  36. 36. 1987 Jane and Pat have a baby boy Robert
  37. 37. Bob and Margaret continue to make as many visits as possible to Oz to visit the rellies, Bob of course keeps himself busy!
  38. 38. Not forgetting Holidays in the British Isles too!
  39. 39. January 1988 Diane has second daughter Sarah
  40. 40. In 1990 Jane and Pats family are getting older and have another daughter Michelle who Bob and Margaret never get to meet as she dies at 4 months
  41. 41. In 1990 Margaret gets diagnosed with Breast Cancer which soon spreads. Bob becomes a tireless support and carer throughout a long two year battle
  42. 42. Later in 1992 last grandchild Jenny arrives, the baby of the family of course warrants a visit to Oz!
  43. 43. When Bob returns from Oz he soon needs something to keep him entertained and delivers meal on wheels as well as providing a taxi service for the church as well as the grandchildren
  44. 44. 1995 – Jane Pat and family come over from Australia and move in with Bob on a years Visa. Of course the grandchildren make themselves helpful!
  45. 45. After a number of months they return to Australia. Of course a family get together is in order for the goodbye
  46. 46. 1995 Bob meets Lilly, an older woman (!) with an eye out for a suitable dancing partner. Bob joins Saltwood dancing club which soon revives his love of dancing and music.
  47. 47. 1999 – Diane and David split up and Diane Rachel and Sarah move in with Bob for a couple of months, this turns into nearly 3 years where he relives living with two teenage girls!
  48. 48. 2000 – Bob, Lilly and Diane accompany seven 17 year old girls on holiday in a heat wave in Kos
  49. 49. Bob continues to go Dancing and meets Derek, a demon with a computer and a keyboard, Bob soon invests in a very complicated and state of the art keyboard and jamming sessions begin! (CDs available for a small fee!)
  50. 50. Through the years he enjoys Holidays to…. Paris 32
  51. 51. Moselle
  52. 52. Isle of Wight 28
  53. 53. Greece
  54. 54. Cuba
  55. 55. South of France, staying at baby cousin Regs house
  56. 56. Amsterdam
  57. 57. Bob retains the close relationships with the family members of his youth sharing many happy and memorable get togethers, holidays and celebrations
  58. 58. He has always been an integral part of his daughters and grandchildren's lives
  59. 59. despite the confines of distance.
  60. 60. Even if it was a bit tiring sometimes!
  61. 61. The family is older now but he continues to play a big part in all our lives
  62. 64. His relationship with Lilly is still going strong!
  63. 65. As Bob celebrates his 90 th birthday the next generation was about to start….
  64. 66. Lisa gave birth to baby Nicholas on 27 th of April
  65. 67. And so as we are here celebrating with family and friends wishing Bob a very happy 90 th birthday