2011: Year in Tech from the Innovation Trail


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See the top technology stories from the Innovation Trail, for 2011.

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2011: Year in Tech from the Innovation Trail

  1. 1. #10Zack Sewards first story in WXXIs Company Town series, this piece profiles a firm thattakes rotten food from a food bank, and turns it into biofuel.
  2. 2. #9WRVOs Emma Jacobs looks at how a central New York nation is sticking to itsprinciples by investing in green startups.
  3. 3. #8Zack Seward reports that when Google failed to invest in the Southern Tier, Corningstepped in to help fund broadband infrastructure.
  4. 4. #7WRVOs Ryan Morden reports that adding a set of flaps that look like the top of a carry-out box, to the rear of a big rig, can be the difference between making a living and notmaking it in the trucking business.
  5. 5. #6 Our team recorded stories in our listening booth at BarCamp Rochester, and got to meetincredibly interesting people. Three of our favorites all have tech obsessions. Theres theportrait artist who uses a robot to capture your image, the hang glider who trusts hisengineering skills enough to build his own instruments, and the high school studentwhos hacking computers that came on the market when he was in elementary school.
  6. 6. #5Zack Seward reports that the city of Rochester is buying a visualization tool that willallow users to fly over "the Rochester of the future."
  7. 7. #4Recorded in our listening booth at TEDxRochester, Oyzon tells us about how shes buildinga "game layer" for the college experience, that allows students to earn "achievements" inschool, the same way they would in a virtual environment like Foursquare.
  8. 8. #3Cornings second appearance in our top 10, Emma Jacobs reported for MorningEdition about the tough-as-nails glass for smart phones.
  9. 9. #2WMHTs Marie Cusick checks in with Albany-area entrepreneurs who are trying togrow an alternative to Styrofoam, using mushrooms.
  10. 10. #1This story isn’t just our most popular tech story of the year: it’s our most popular story ofany kind, of all time. Emma Jacobs reports for WSKG about “Rex Parker,” apseudonymous crossword blogger, whose day job is teaching English at BinghamtonUniversity. Bonus: You can solve a Newsday puzzle along with Parker.