FILM260 Flipbook- Confessions of an [online] Shopaholic


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FILM260 Flipbook- Confessions of an [online] Shopaholic

  1. 1. of aConfessions[online]Shopaholic
  2. 2. Image: The Other Dan (flickr)Mobile and online advertising andshopping will only increase inpopularity as time progresses due tothe power of social marketing.
  3. 3. Online shoppinghas increased yearafter year and wasup 14% in 2012Image: Images _of_Money (flickr)
  4. 4. M-commerce salesduring the holidaysalone increased awhopping 171% inpurchases during2012 holiday seasonImage: Jason A. Howie (flickr)
  5. 5. eBay was expected to sell100 gifts per minuteduring the holidaysImage: liewcf (flickr)
  6. 6. Why are m-commerce ande-commerce taking over?
  7. 7. #1: New metrics of relevancesuggest that we will pay attention towhat our friends think is importantImage: owenwbrown (flickr)
  8. 8. “[...] we doknow thatsocial contentby friends wasinfluential inimpactingpurchase.”-Irfan Kamal, Senior VP ofDigital / Social Strategy atOgilvy & MatherImage: vinylmeister (flickr)
  9. 9. Similar to the spiral of silence, people areafraid of being ostracized by their friendsfor things like wearing the wrong outfit...Image: elonjohned (flickr)
  10. 10. Image: “?” by Aziz Haddad (Mashable)Image: but media primingonline gives us socialqueues so that weknow how to “fit in”.
  11. 11. #2: Geo-local advertising that is mobile makesmobile shopping more accessible and convenientImage: liewcf (flickr)
  12. 12. "National advertisers are becoming better acquainted with the power ofprecise mobile location and its ability to not only reach specificaudiences[...], but its unique ability to reach users at the specific momentthey are most likely to view and engage with an ad message.“ – DipanshuSharma, CEO of xAdImage: Infoblu (flickr)
  13. 13. #3: Aspirational pre-shopping onsocial sites like Pinterest give ussatisfaction without actually having tospend moneyImage: bluebirdsandteapots (flickr)
  14. 14. #4: The power ofsocial discoverymakes shoppingeasier becauseexperts likebloggers withhuge followingsguarantee yougood productsand give youpersonalrecommendations.Image: EMMEALCUBO (flickr)
  15. 15. According to Factbrowser, 61% of consumers have made apurchase based on recommendationsfrom a blog.Image from: Wikimedia Commons
  16. 16. Shop-and-share elites, AKA the best bloggers andvloggers, even get sponsored by big brands nowbecause they have earned the trust and attention ofhuge amounts of followers.Image: Xelcise (flickr)
  17. 17. #5: Accessibility and a shoppable world Everything you see is clickable andbuyable.Image: Keith Williamson (flickr)
  18. 18. Cumulatingeffect  Ourconsumerculturebecomesnormalizedand thepopularity ofonline andmobileshoppingstarts tomake usthink that weareconsumersbefore weare citizens.Image: Fouquier ॐ(flickr)
  19. 19. #6: A share economyand the importanceof shareabilitySharing the types ofproducts that weshop for online helpsus build an identityto present to others.All images from flickr:ddatch54, AJC1, stevegarfield, Jurgen Appelo, alexkingorg
  20. 20. In a peer influence market, brands must giveus something shareable in order to succeed.
  21. 21. SourcesSlide 3 - 4 - 5 - 8 - 12 - 15 - 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20 – FILM240 Lectures 2012, Queen’s University Filmand Media Department, Professor Sidney Eve MatrixAll images from Creative Commons on*Except Slide 15 -
  22. 22. FILM260 –Flipbook AssignmentFor: Professor MatrixBy: Rachel WidakdoDate: Friday, May. 17, 2013