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TEA Data Presentation - Group 2


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Student Dropout Rates

Published in: Education
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TEA Data Presentation - Group 2

  1. 1. Student Dropout Rates in Austin Independent School District by Alisa, Fernanda, and Julianne
  2. 2. What are dropout rates? The annual dropout rate is the percentage of students in a specified grade range who drop out of school during one school year. This data set includes both the number and rate of annual dropouts for all Grade 7-12 students and various student groups. AISD Rates grade 7-12 2010-2011: 2.6% 2011-2012: 2.5% 2012-2013: 1.8% found using the following formula- (number of students who dropped out during the year/number of students enrolled during the year) x 100
  3. 3. Breakdown of students dropouts Dropout rates by Race (shows the percentage of students of this race that drop out of school) African American: 2.7% White: .8% Hispanic: 2.2% Asian: .8% Pacific Islander: 3% American Indian: 4.9% Multiracial: .9%
  4. 4. Breakdown of Student Dropouts Breaking down the 2012-2013 rates by economic status 2.1% of economically disadvantaged kids dropped out of school in 2012-2013 425 of 16,671 students
  5. 5. How does this compare? Other school districts in Texas dropout rates in 2012-2013 school year Houston Independent School District: 2.7% Dallas Independent School District: 2.0% San Antonio Independent School District: 3.9%
  6. 6. How does this compare? Total Amount of students in grades 7-12 Austin ISD total students: 34,110 Houston ISD total students: 78,318 Dallas ISD total students: 63,066 San Antonio ISD total students: 21,699
  7. 7. How does this compare? How does Texas compare to other states (2011-2012 school year)? Texas dropout rate: 2.5% California dropout rate: 4.0% Florida dropout rate: 2.1% New York dropout rate: 3.8%
  8. 8. How did we get this information Step 1: go to Step 2: Under Reports & Data click on school performance Step 3: On the school performance page click on accountability research Step 4: Once there, click on Completion, Graduation and Dropouts Step 5: From there you will find all of our information, we used numerous years for different statistics and different states and cities