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MN319 Team 2 - Competitor Anaylsis


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A Competitor Analysis of the Newspaper Industry

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MN319 Team 2 - Competitor Anaylsis

  1. 1. Newspaper IndustryTeam 2Market ReviewNiall Maher 11497488Rachel Moore 11466328Andrew McCabe 11397916Thomas Owens 11425368Constantin R Oprisan 11434962
  2. 2. Introduction Independent Irish times Irish examiner Sun Star
  3. 3. Market Background Market size: 2.88 million adults read a newspaperdaily According to a survey carried out by theNational Newspapers of Ireland (NNI)the Irish newspaper industry made€829.68 million in revenue in 2011. Trends: Between the years of 2009 to 2012 therehas been a decrease in the number ofpeople buying a newspaper daily. Key players: Broadband and the continuousintroduction of new technology inregards to Smartphones.
  4. 4. Profile of Organisations Founded in 1905 and it is currently Ireland’slargest selling newspaper as it is published 7days a week. Founded in 1859, an Irish broadsheet newspaperthat is published 6 days a week. An Irish broadsheet newspaper, founded in 1841under the title “The Cork Examiner” until itchanged its name to the Irish Examiner in recentyears. A daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1963which is published in the United Kingdom andIreland. Founded in 1988, it is Ireland’s number onepaper for people aged between 15-44 years old.
  5. 5. Website Review The Irish Independent Easy to use and to find top newsstories, with a convenient menu barallowing easy of access to information. The Irish Times Similar in style to The IrishIndependent, a drop down menu allowsusers to quickly obtain information theywant. The Irish Examiner Laid out in a more traditional manner.However, it has adopted a useful style for linksto different areas, with pictures as links ratherthan a lot of words. The Irish Sun Very much based on pictures. Showbiz is one area which they have appearing regularly on the homepage of the website. The Daily Star Simple and straight forward to use, with good use of quick links and tabs, allowing readers to easy readstories of interest.
  6. 6. Social Media Review The Irish Independent has the mostfollowers on Twitter. Their Facebook pagehas got the complete history of thepaper, from the beginning. The Irish times were more unique in theirsocial media as they have a news blogwith a number of blogs which they havewritten throughout the day. The Irish Examiner had the best twitterpage with links to various stories on theirwebsite. We found that the Irish Daily Star had themost attractive Facebook page. The Irish Sun is one of the popularnewspapers on Facebook as it is liked byover 17,000 people.
  7. 7. Mobile ReviewThe first review we chose to do was theIrish Examiner.Irish Examiner was the only paper whichdidn’t have an app for mobile devices.We can clearly see that the results from theanalysis of their website review for mobiledevices shows that it is not user friendly.
  8. 8. Boss Metrics ReportsFacebook AnalysisCompany Fans PTAT PTAT/Fans %Avg. postper dayAverage likesper dayThe IrishIndependent18,056 330 1.80% 2.2 10The Irish Times53,419 1559 4.80% 5.55 26.8The IrishExaminer10,867 270 2.50% 3.58 11.2The Irish Sun17,589 253 1.40% 4.53 2.4The Daily Star639 5 0.80% 5.9 0.1
  9. 9. Boss Metrics Reports Contd.
  10. 10. Boss Metrics Reports Contd.Twitter AnalysisCompany Followers FollowingAvg. Tweet perdayAvg. reply perdayThe IrishIndependent34,216 78 49.9 1The Irish Times 41,057 35 28.7 0.1The IrishExaminer28,566 147 14.4 0.3The Irish Sun 994 20 4.9 0.1The Daily Star 850 64 24.4 0
  11. 11. Boss Metrics Reports Contd.
  12. 12. Report Promotion• To express our work on the Irishnewspaper industry we put it onto variouswebsites like:FacebookTwitterSlideshareWordpress
  13. 13. Conclusions Newspapers use websites, social media and mobile apps toget their news to their readers Given the reduction in the purchases of the physicalnewspapers, the industry needs to turn their attention topromoting their papers through other means, for examplethrough Facebook, Twitter, and apps. We revealed that the Irish Examiner’s readership issuffering due to lack of advancement in technologycompared to the others. The introduction of technology has increased the paperstarget markets and created diversification for the customer.