NC-TEAN F13 Teacher Ed Forum NCDPI Updates


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Rachel McBroom's presentation to the NC-TEAN group at the NC-ACTE Fall 2013 Teacher Ed Forum

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NC-TEAN F13 Teacher Ed Forum NCDPI Updates

  1. 1. NCDPI Updates Presented at the NC-TEAN Meeting NC-ACTE Fall Forum, Sept.19, 2013 Dr. Rachel McBroom
  3. 3. Praxis I • In June, the SBE adopted Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators to replace current Praxis I tests. • 2013-14 is a year of transition • Recent changes in NC General Statute reflect current SBE policy around SAT score exemptions. (NOTE: ETS has not yet made SAT/ACT equivalency score recommendations for the new test.)
  4. 4. Praxis I Passing Scores
  5. 5. Praxis II • SL 2013-360 directs the SBE to require licensure exams (currently Praxis II) for all applicants. • Will impact all initial licensure applicants. • Anticipate approval of policy change by SBE in October. • Recommended implementation date - program completers on and after July 1, 2014.
  6. 6. Foundations of Reading & General Curriculum for NC Exams (MTEL) • Effective for program completers on and after July 1, 2014. • First administration April/May 2014 • We will use NC score data from first administration to help determine passing score recommendations
  7. 7. Foundations of Reading & General Curriculum for NC Exams (MTEL) • Opportunities to Learn & Collaborate – Pearson 90-minute session at IHE Institutes (Greenville session will be videoed & placed on IHE wiki) – 1-day regional RESA sponsored events focusing on the transition
  8. 8. Testing Feedback • Anticipate changes in csv file template to reflect testing changes • What concerns do your campuses have from an assessment perspective?
  9. 9. TITLE II
  10. 10. Title II – Key Dates • Oct. 9- Deadline for completing match verification with ETS for pass rate calculations. • Jan 29 – Feb 27 – Resolution Period with ETS ($1500 fee will NOT be waived this year.) • April 30 – Deadline for submitting Institutional Reports
  11. 11. Title II Feedback • Change in Lateral Entry reporting process based on last year’s feedback • ~ 100 teachers duplicated statewide • Did it help? • How can we improve process for next year?
  13. 13. IHE Ed Prep Report Cards • Available at by selecting Report Cards • Release of ‘12-’13 data anticipated early Oct (Std 6 data will be delayed by several weeks) • Disaggregated data available to campuses mid- to-late October • SAS will calculate campus-wide and program specific value-add data this year.
  14. 14. IHE Ed Prep Report Card Changes 2011-12 Report Cards • Beginning teachers linked to IHEs based on Licensure database • Limited opportunities for IHEs to truly “verify” rosters. 2012-13 Report Cards • BT’s pulled from past 5 years of ‘csv’ files submitted by campuses • Opportunities for IHEs to verify rosters. • Employment data provided to campuses
  15. 15. Ed Prep Report Card Feedback • How did the process work on your campuses? • What can be done to improve this for next year? • What additional data do you need/want that DPI might be able to provide?
  17. 17. Legislative Changes • SL 2013-226 - Effective 2013-14 – State-level summary IHE Performance Report replaced by the Educator Preparation Report Cards (to include all required indicators) – Adds Effectiveness of Teacher Education Program Graduates indicator
  18. 18. Legislative Changes • SL 2013-360 – added additional required components (elementary/special ed reading preparation) to the report effective ‘14-’15 year – Implementation plan due to Gen Assembly March 15, 2014
  19. 19. SL 2013 - 360 • The State Board of Education shall develop a plan to require the schools of education to measure performance and provide an annual report on the demonstrated competencies included in their elementary and special education general curriculum teacher education programs on (i) teaching of reading, including a substantive understanding of reading as a process involving oral language, phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension; (ii) evidence-based assessment and diagnosis of specific areas of difficulty with reading development and of reading deficiencies; and (iii) appropriate application of instructional supports and services and reading interventions to ensure reading proficiency for all students.
  20. 20. Anticipated Changes for ’13-’14 • Transition to web-based submission process • Review/update narrative items to respond to legislation. • ‘csv’ file template will be modified
  21. 21. IHE Performance Report Feedback • How can we improve the process? • What concerns/suggestions do you have as we move to new web-based submission process? • If interested in serving on a workgroup to develop the plan due to the Gen Assembly by March, put your name and email address.