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Powerpoint on Bauer

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Bauer .ppt;)

  1. 1. The Bauer media group is based in Hamburg, Germany but operates in fifteen different countries worldwide.  Worldwide Circulation: 38 million magazines a a week
  2. 2.  Audiences and genres reached;  Women’s; Closer, Heat  Men’s Entertainment; Empire, Q  Men’s lifestyle; Arena, Zoo  Equine; Your Horse  Gardening; Garden Answers, Garden News  Transport; Modern Rail, Rail, Steam Railway  Football; MATCH!   Golf; 2 fore 1, Golf World  Pets; Practical fishkeeping, Pet Product Marketing  Angling;, Angling Times  Motorcycling; Bike, RIDE  Motoring; car, Classic Car  Automotive B2B; AM, Fleet news  Outdoor; Live for the outdoors, Trail  Photography; Digital Photo, Practical photography  Lifestyle; Askamum, Pregnancy & Birth  Big City Network; CFM, Cool FM  Other Local Radio; Kerrang, Kiss  National broadcast; Kerrang!, 4Music The Bauer Media Group reaches a diverse range of audiences. %20Data/ABC_jan_june_09.pdf Circulation and Readership figures (Jan- June 09)
  3. 3. What is it’s biggest selling music title? And the winner is…;) Q magazine Q 103,017 <July-December 2008
  4. 4.  Radio e.g. Downtown Radio, Cool FM, Magic,  Online e.g. ticket sales (,  Magazines e.g. Q, Kerrang! and Pop  TV e.g. Kerrang!, Kiss, 4Music, The Hits
  5. 5.  Q website advertises with a link to buy tickets from aloud which is also part of Bauer Media   Also, on, there are links to “recommended sites” which are all owned by Bauer Media  Empireonline has links to websites of products owned by Bauer Media
  6. 6.  Turnover of more than 1.79 billion Euros (2007)  Pre-tax profit of over £94m (ending March 2008)