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Analysing an advert: Opium YSL


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Analysing an advert: Opium YSL

  1. 1. Analysing an advert<br />‘OPIUM’ Yves Saint Laurent<br />Rachel Haywood-Percival<br />
  2. 2. Soft/Introverted (Marjorie Ferguson)<br />Opium is a drug, suggesting the perfume is drug like or addictive?<br />Placed centrally pulling all gaze to her<br />Advert places audience in the position of voyeur<br />Her direction or object of attention is not discernable,<br />Creating intrigue within the audience.<br />She’s wearing gold jewellery and shoes suggesting wealth<br />She’s lying in silk which creates<br />Quite a luxurious atmosphere<br />Bright hair, green eye shadow and purple lipstick highly contrast against<br />The dark background and white of her skin, drawing attention to her face <br />The advert caused controversy but was not banned<br />Sophie Dahl’s body language is highly sexualised and sensual, perhaps mirroring the sensuality of the perfume<br />This generates more publicity and higher sales<br />