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  1. 1. Construction
  2. 2. Firstly, I wrote RIOT out in the font stencil. Then I put a red, drop shadow on it to make it stand out. The slogan ‘WE PREDICT A RIOT,’ overlapped the masthead so it would look good and to empathizes the title also, if I looked at an actual magazines like Kerrang or NME, the slogan would mostly be where I have placed it.
  3. 3. I chose to have a top strip to give the readers an insight into the magazine. Also, during my research, I found that a majority of magazines consist of a top strip, therefore, decided to include one myself to make it look professional. This box out is there, so I can place a pug (the logo) to make it stand out. It is red because the house colours are red, black and white and as my background is black, I thought the red would contrast well against the background. The logo is a skull which I decided to use to reinforce the rock genre of my magazine. It is placed at the top right corner because it goes nicely with the box out. The bottom strip acts as a lure to encourage the readers to take part in competitions and to make them buy the magazine to get a chance to win the tickets. Through research which I conducted, I noticed that many magazines use a lure to make the reader involved with the magazine.
  4. 4. I decided to change the photo of three people to one person, as I thought it looked better and more professional. I changed the title from white to black and put it on a white background because it made it stand out and look more professional than it originally was. Also, I put white lines into it to make it edgy and to soften the contrast of the bold colours. I changed the top strip colour to black from white to make it stand out against the white background.
  5. 5. I put the main story’s heading in stencil as it is bold and will grab the audiences attention. I put it in white because it contrasted well with the background and made it stand out. This feature article is based on a famous rock band ‘The Blackout’, therefore, the rock community would be targeted. I’ve used a top and bottom strip to make the magazine look more professional and
  6. 6. My contents page began like this. I made the heading for the ‘RIOT CONTENTS’ page in a cross shape because my issue is a Halloween issue, so I thought it gave off a religious vibe. The ‘What’s new’ at the side is there to make the contents look more professional. I chose the fonts because they are big and bold and often found in rock magazines. All of the featuring articles are rock related and again in bold fonts. The house style is continued into the contents page from the front cover. The skull logo is also continued from the front cover to the contents page. The images I’ve used represent the different styles of rock and also provide a variety of shot composition and angles.
  7. 7. Again, the house style is continued onto the double page spread. The heading is big, bold and red to make it stand out. Underneath the heading,, the writing colour has changed because it is my introduction and in real magazines the introduction colour is always different from the actual text. the article is in columns because this is how articles are lay out. Here, I have added the album cover and release date of the artists album to tell the reader when it would be released. The writing this time is orange, so that is would stand out from the rest of the text.
  8. 8. The pumpkin is there because this issue is the Halloween issues and pumpkins are associated with Halloween . The main image is fun and lively which is the vide I wanted for my magazine, so that’s why I have used it as my main image. The skull logo is continued from the front cover and the contents page. There are quotes to give the reader an idea of what the article is about. Here, it also emphasised the opinions of the main star.