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Supporting ideas 2


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Supporting ideas 2

  1. 1. Rachel HibnerErin Davidson Shane Evelyn
  2. 2. ExamplesStatisticsTestimony
  3. 3. • Specific case referred to inBrief examples passing to illustrate point Extended • Longer and more detailed examples to illustrate pointHypothetical • Describes an imaginary or examples fictitious situation
  4. 4. Use to clarify Use to reinforce Use examples to personalize Make your examples vividPractice delivery so you can maintain eye contact
  5. 5. Can be stacked in Often cited inCan clarify and order to show passing tosupport ideas magnitude of an strengthen points issue
  6. 6. Are the statistics representative?Are statisticalmeasures used correctly? Are the statistics from a reliable source?
  7. 7. Mean Mode Median Middle number in a Number that occursAverage value of a group of numbers most frequently ingroup of numbers (arranged highest a group of numbers to lowest)
  8. 8. The quotations or paraphrases used to support a point Expert testimony Peer testimony Difference between quoting & paraphrasing Tips for using testimony
  9. 9. Testimony from people who are recognized experts in the their field Helpful to Important to students whouse when topic are rarelyis controversial looked at as experts
  10. 10. Testimony from Gives a more personalordinary people with viewpoint on an issuefirsthand experience Conveys feelings, knowledge and insight
  11. 11. Quote- testimony that is presented word for word Paraphrasing- testimony that restates orsummarizes sources ideas
  12. 12. More effective More effective thenMore effective than paraphrasing than paraphrasing when the quoteparaphrasing when conveys is eloquent, when brief the speaker’s witty or meaning compelling
  13. 13. Quote or paraphrase Use testimony from accurately qualified sources• Don’t misquote • Example: not all• Do not violate the celebrities are meaning of your qualified to paraphrase endorse certain• Do not quote out of products context
  14. 14. Examples – help Statistics – draw vivid numerical dataimages to ideas Effective way to Brief examples clarify & support ideas Make sure they are Extended representative, examples/narrative correct & reliable Hypothetical example