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Future Forces Affecting Financial Planning 2015-2025


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The winning financial planning firms of the next decade will not just meet today's Gen X & Y expectations, they'll get there early. This webinar explores disruptors beyond “fintech” that will plausibly impact financial planning in the coming decade. Examples include affective (emotion-sensing) technologies, personal data as a new (monetizable!) asset class, leveraging idling assets in the Sharing Economy, and human task routing as a way of getting work done and earning micropayments.

Originally delivered as 1st of a mini-series with XY Planning Network on January 13, 2015.

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Future Forces Affecting Financial Planning 2015-2025

  1. 1. External Future Forces Affecting Financial Planning 2015-2025 Rachel Hatch @Rachelkeas
  2. 2. Context about IFTF • Independent nonprofit research group based in Palo Alto, CA adjacent to Stanford • Key research in global food outlook, ten-year forecast, health horizons, tech horizons • Not predicting, forecasting: plausible, internally consistent, provocative view of what might happen ten years out
  3. 3. Ten-Year Forecast Clients (partial list)
  4. 4. Methodology
  5. 5. 4 External Future Forces • Monetizing Personal Data • Quantifying Social Capital • Leveraging Idling Assets • Augmenting with Affective Tech
  6. 6. Foresight: Monetizing Personal Data
  7. 7. Monetizing Personal Data
  8. 8. Signal of Change: Tsu
  9. 9. Foresight: Monetizing Personal Data • Insight: Expect clients to get both more suspicious and more savvy about privacy • Insight: Anticipate new tallies, new accounting systems to make sense of micropayments • Insight: Look for the personal data conversation to move earlier in the lifecycle
  10. 10. Foresight: Quantifying Social Capital
  11. 11. Quantified Self
  12. 12. Signal: Trov • What: a technology provider focusing on property and asset management. It catalogs & tracks all your belongings and their current value, making it easier to insure, sell, donate & share what you own through your phone. • So What: it is being called “the personal cloud for everything you own.”
  13. 13. Signal of Change: Klout
  14. 14. Signal of Change: Thunderclap
  15. 15. Foresight: Quantifying Social Capital • Insight: Expect XY clients to see the future value of present networks • Insight: Look for new measures of ROI in personal networks • Insight: Anticipate real-time behavior change based on network behavior or influencing potential
  16. 16. Foresight: Leveraging Idling Assets
  17. 17. Signals of Change: Uber, Airbnb
  18. 18. Toward the 3-Business Card Life
  19. 19. Blending of Commercial & Domestic with “Demand Data” for hosts
  20. 20. Foresight: Leveraging Idling Assets • Insight: Look for new balance sheets in which depreciating assets become revenue-generators • Insight: Watch for the rise of the micro- entrepreneur and the blending of commercial & domestic • Insight: Expect more complexity and stopgap measures for cash flow and retirement planning
  21. 21. Foresight: Augmenting with Affective Tech
  22. 22. Affective Technology
  23. 23. Signal of Change: Kinect for Xbox
  24. 24. Signal of Change: Us+
  25. 25. Foresight: Augmenting with Affective Tech • Insight: Design new processes for client service delivery to include emotional feedback loops • Insight: Expect sensitivity around data privacy and surveillance of emotions • Insight: Improve “soft skills” via this emerging technology
  26. 26. 4 External Future Forces • Monetizing Personal Data • Quantifying Social Capital • Leveraging Idling Assets • Augmenting with Affective Tech
  27. 27. What’s Next? • 2025 Financial Planning Clients Wednesday, Feb. 11 at 1pm eastern/10am pacific • Hacking the Future of Financial Services: A Prototyping F2F Session in Minneapolis Friday, March 13 3-5:30pm central, followed by happy hour • #HackFinance4XY, a F2F event organized around FPA NorCal Wednesday, May 27th 5:30-6:30pm pacific