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  • Kevin Mathers, YouTube UK Managing Director of Sales and Operations…
  • FILM 260 Flipbook_Rachel Ha

    1. 1. VIRALITYALL ABOUTImage by yonghokimBy Rachel HaFlipbook, FILM 260
    2. 2. What does going viral mean?When a piece of information spreadsquickly to a large population like a virus,usually on web via social media channels.Image by Enough ProjectSource: Christina,Smart Savvy Social “Going Viral”
    3. 3. Whether it’s a thousand or millionsof people who share, there is no setnumber of fans that determinevirality.So it’s quite subjective.Image by Venttu
    4. 4. What are the benefits of goingviral?Increase traffic to your content,Improve your brand awareness,And most importantly…Open doors toopportunities!Image by benjaminasmith
    5. 5. It’s what helped JustinBieber, the then-12-year-old get discoveredon YouTube.He’s now a teenheartthrob, earnsmillions each year, andhas fans worldwide.Image by Daniel Ogren
    6. 6. What can go viral?Blogs, websites,images, videos,quotes, memes…The possibilities areendless.Image by Ed Schnipul
    7. 7. Virality can be intentional or accidental.The audience is the judge because theychoose to share and discuss what they findamusing.Image by zitona qatar
    8. 8. What makes things go viral?According to Kevin Allocca,Trends Manager for YouTube,There are three factors at work.Image by 2themoon
    9. 9. TastemakersWhether celebrities ortrend leaders, they shedlight on interesting news.You may like or dislikethem, but they startconversations.Image by Cea.Source: Kevin Allocca, TED“Why Videos Go Viral”
    10. 10. We are able to post original contentShare other people’s work and… ENJOYparticipationImage by Thomas HawkSource: Kevin Allocca, TED“Why Videos Go Viral”
    11. 11. The surprise takes the width of our brain andMakes the content memorable,Creating the desire to share with our network.unexpectednessImage provided by NBC TelevisionSource: Kevin Allocca, TED“Why Videos Go Viral”
    12. 12. How has viralityEVOLVED?Image by diaconelli
    13. 13. Blogs were one of the earliest formsof social networking“Where people were writing1000 words…”Image by CodyFitzgeraldSource: Ekaterina Walter, FAST Company“The Rise of Visual Social Media”
    14. 14. Now we are skippingwords altogether“And moving towards morevisual communication…”- Dr. William J. WardImage by flying awaaaySource: Ekaterina Walter,“The Rise of Visual Social Media”Source: Ekaterina Walter, FAST Company“The Rise of Visual Social Media”
    15. 15. Many companies now use viralityas part of their strategy in order toappeal to consumers’emotions and triggers.Image by Camdiluv
    16. 16. Viral Marketing“describes any strategythat encouragesindividuals to pass on amarketing message…”- Dr. Ralph F. WilsonImage by Maria Reyes-McDavisSource: Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Web Marketing Today“The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing”
    17. 17. It relies on consumers’ existing networks, such as friendsand family, and their basic desire to share and interact.It can be very explicit like sharing giveaways, or justsharing great content that is sponsored by a company.Image by Josef SeibelSource: Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Web Marketing Today “The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing”
    18. 18. Brands must act quickly if they want to useexisting viral material as theirmarketing strategy.Like with Topshop’s Harlem Shake video.Image by Visentico / SentoSource: Kevin Mathers, Marketing Week“Gangnam Style Marketing”
    19. 19. Otherwise, it’s like “getting the joke too long after thepunchline.”Image by fox2mikeSource: Kevin Mathers, Marketing Week“Gangnam Style Marketing”
    20. 20. Or if you are too promotional withExisting viral material,Then you can be criticized like Pepsi wasWhen they used Harlem Shake for their campaign.Image by Scott Beale
    21. 21. Then is it possible topredict virality?Image by IainBuchanan
    22. 22. With tools such asGoogle Trends, BuzzFeed and Reddit,It’s becoming easier to see the trends.Image by ErAnger
    23. 23. But you canneverperfectlyknow whatwill hit thejackpot.Image by o5com
    24. 24. Because it’s not a formula, but aboutstimulating the right emotions,conversations, and opinions.Image by EraPhernalia Vintage
    25. 25. creditsAll images used are licensed under Creative CommonsNon-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 agreement.
    26. 26. sources by Jef Poskanzer