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Ppt occ sci


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Ppt occ sci

  1. 1. Rachel ColsonOccupational Science:Occupational Identity
  2. 2. BakingI have always had a passion for baking as I have a sweet tooth and love anythingchocolate. I prefer to bake by myself as it provides a chance to think, relax, and enjoypiece and quiet. I am an active relaxer.
  3. 3. PhotographyAs I have grown up I have held an interest in photography as a casual activity which allowsme to capture memories. I collect the photos that I take and record these in photo albumswhich I enjoy looking through every now and then.
  4. 4. TravellingI love to travel with my family to different countries. Being able to experience differentcultures and ways of living is very interesting to me. I am especially interested in third worldcountries for the complete contrast to New Zealand.
  5. 5. ShoppingShopping is an occupation that I can carry out in many different places and with many differentpeople. I find it can be very therapeutic and allows the chance for social interaction.
  6. 6. Sky DivingI occasionally like to go sky diving. This is an occupation that I carry out with my father, as weboth share a passion for adrenaline driven occupations.
  7. 7. TrampingAs I live under mount Egmont, I take this opportunity to go tramping around the bush tracksand climbing the mountain. This gives me a sense of achievement and is a great way to enjoyand appreciate the natural beauty of my home town.
  8. 8. RowingI was heavily involved in rowing for 2 years, forming a significant part of My occupationalidentity as it was a large commitment. I engaged in this occupation forcompetiveness,enjoyment and fitness.
  9. 9. SurfingI enjoy surfing as a casual sport. I carry this out with friends and occasionally by myself where Iam able to enjoy the warm weather, exercise and I feel it is a therapeutic occupation thatallows me to reflect and have time to myself.
  10. 10. Fishing/DivingI enjoy boating activties, in particular fishing and watching/assisting with other people diving. ItProvides an excitement when catching fish and it also is a motivating activity for me to catchfish for dinner as my family and I enjoy eating it.
  11. 11. Studying Towards Bachelor ofOccupational TherapyThis is one of the main occupations that takes up my time at present. It is allowing meto work towards my future occupation as an occupational therapist.