Managing a Twitter Crisis


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How to manage a Twitter crisis. Talk given at #amatweet for the Arts Marketing Association.

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Managing a Twitter Crisis

  1. 1. Don’t Make a Drama out of a Crisis [email_address] @rachelcoldicutt
  2. 2. Be Human This makes people more forgiving
  3. 3. Be Responsive Twitter moves very very quickly – try and crank your organisation into moving at the same speed
  4. 4. Be Short and to the Point Don’t send out a three page PDF press release. Be appropriate to the medium.
  5. 5. Be Open and Transparent Say you’re working on it if you’re working on it. Say there are other issues is there are other issues.
  6. 6. Be Generous with your Learning Greatest opportunity to educate your senior management.
  7. 7. Be Kind If it hasn’t happened to you, it might do in the future
  8. 8. Thank you