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Full body portrait in context


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Full body portrait in context

  1. 1. Full-Body Portrait in Context
  2. 2. -  Using a full-length mirror, draw yourself in a foreshortened pose in an interesting context. -  Choose a Creative Setting with Dramatic Lighting; Chiaroscuro by using a Lamp or Flashlight - 4, 3”x4” Thumbnail Sketches as Preparatory Drawings—Each should be distinctly different.
  3. 3. -  The ENTIRE page should be used! White space should be intentional and pertain to the lighting of your drawing. -  The drawing should be shaded with value, using graphite or charcoal pencils. -  Follow the steps to laying out a drawing, including: outside proportions, gesture drawing, angles, horizontals, verticals, intersections, measurements, etc.
  4. 4. DUE DATE: Thursday February 11, 2014