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  1. 1. the art of collecting lightbulbs ART111
  2. 2. Dr. Hugh Francis Hicks at The Old Museum of Incandescent Lighting
  3. 3. Lisa Congdon, from A Collection a Day
  4. 4. Lisa Congdon, from A Collection a Day
  5. 5. Lisa Congdon, from A Collection a Day
  6. 6. Barry McGee, Spray Cans at the ICA Boston
  7. 7. Barry McGee, Retrospective at Berkley Museum of Art
  8. 8. Paul Elliman, Found Font Dead Scissors
  9. 9. Paul Elliman, ”Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language”
  10. 10. The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
  11. 11. The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
  12. 12. The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
  13. 13. James Turrell, Skyspace, various locations
  14. 14. Conjoined Twins, Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, PA
  15. 15. Mutter Museum, Philadelphia, PA
  16. 16. Théodore Géricault, Anatomical Pieces, 1818
  17. 17. Kiki Smith, Nuit
  18. 18. Kiki Smith, Untitled, 1990
  19. 19. Kiki Smith, Ribs, 1987
  20. 20. Damien Hirst, Nothing is a Problem for Me, 1992
  21. 21. Damien Hirst, Away from the Flock, 1994
  22. 22. Mark Dion and William Schefferine, Tropical Rain Forest Preserves, 1989 remade 2003
  23. 23. Mark Dion, Scala Naturae, 1994
  24. 24. Mark Dion, Oceanmania, 2005
  25. 25. The notion of Kunst- und Wunderkammern or "Wondercabinets" may seem a bit antiquated today, but they gave their owners an opportunity to gather together all kinds of things that brought elements of beauty and surprise to their lives. Imagine a modern day Wunderkammern of your own design. What kinds of things might you select of your own?
  26. 26. Read: • Chapter 5, “The Art of Collecting Lightbulbs” Respond in your Journal: 1. Reflect (in at least ONE PAGE) on chapter 5, a quote or one of the videos shown in class. 2. In your journal, discuss a collection you have. Include a photograph or drawing of your collection. What compels you to collect these things? 3. In the next week, create a collection of things from your daily life? You should bring at least 20 things to next week’s class. • What compelled you to collect these things? • What is the ordering principle behind this collection?