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  1. 1. the art of making a world ART111
  2. 2. “…beauty is often where you don’t expect to find it; that it is something we may discover and also invent, then reinvent, for ourselves; that the most important things in the world are never as simple as they seem but that the world is also richer when it declines to abide by comforting formulas. And that it is always good to keep your eyes wide open, because you never know what you will discover. The drive to live life more alertly being an instinctive need, whether you are an artist by trade or by desire, the art of seeing well is a necessary skill, which fortunately can be learned.”
  3. 3. Picasso, Weeping Woman, 1937
  4. 4. Picasso, Le Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907
  5. 5. Picasso in his studio
  6. 6. Pierre Bonnard in his studio, photographed by Cartier-Bresson
  7. 7. Bonnard, The Breakfast Table, 1930-1
  8. 8. Pierre & Marthe Bonnard, 1920
  9. 9. Pierre Bonnard, Nude in the Bath
  10. 10. Pierre Bonnard, Marthe in the Bathtub
  11. 11. Pierre Bonnard, Marthe in the Bath (detail)
  12. 12. Bonnard, Marthe Entering the Room, 1942
  13. 13. Pierre Bonnard, Jardin Vu De La Terrasse
  14. 14. Bonnard, Woman in a Green Dress in a Garden
  15. 15. Bonnard, Last Self-Portrait, 1944
  16. 16. Joan Mitchell, 1925 – 1992
  17. 17. Mitchell, After April, Bernie, 1987
  18. 18. “We are all vaguely tormented with a desire to know a world which appears to us a dungeon…I should feel as if I could not depart in peace out of this narrow sphere unless I endeavored to explore my prison. The more I examine it, the more beautiful and extensive it becomes in my eyes.” Astolphe de Custine
  19. 19. Kimsooja, Looking into Sewing
  20. 20. Henry Darger 1892 – 1973
  21. 21. Henry Darger’s home
  22. 22. Henry Darger
  23. 23. Henry Darger
  24. 24. Caine’s Arcade, East LA
  25. 25. Caine’s Arcade, East LA
  26. 26. “No work of art is more important than the Christian’s own life, and every Christian is called upon to be an artist in this sense. He may have no gift of writing, no gift of composing or singing, but each man has the gift of creativity in terms of the way he lives his life. In this sense, the Christian’s life is to be an artwork. The Christian’s life is to be a thing of beauty in the midst of a lost and despairing world.” Theologian Francis A. Schaeffer
  27. 27. Read: • Chapter 1, “The Art of Making a World” Respond on Verso: • Reflect on the reading. • Reflect on how you can (or already are) creating a world for yourself. Do you see “art” in this? How can you make this more “artful”? • React to at least one of your peer’s responses: ask follow-up questions; add to the comments; challenge a viewpoint; etc.