So you've got a blog!


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So you've got a blog,
Now what?

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So you've got a blog!

  1. 1. So you’ve got a Now what? Rachel Boyd, Ulearn07
  2. 2. Firstly… So you’re already discovering the benefits of blogging with your students… Where to next?? What are the possibilities??
  3. 3. By yourself… Think of the FOUR best things/outcomes that have occurred for YOU personally because of blogging. Now… Think of the FOUR best things/outcomes that have occurred for your STUDENTS because of blogging.
  4. 4. Why let our students blog?
  5. 5. 4 c’s of Learning Connect Elements blogging adds: Contribute Reflection Collaborate Conversation Create Expression Participation
  6. 6. Overview…  Review Why students should blog  Connection Finding and connecting with other students/classes world-wide  Reflection Why and how does blogging support this  Discussion tab How the discussion tab on a wikispaces wiki could be used  Worldwide Collaborative Projects What are they and why/how do I get involved?  Forum Share some of YOUR best blogging ideas - we’ll make them into a resource bank
  7. 7. Connections We’re only getting comments from parents and family. How can I get others to view and comment on our class blog??
  8. 8. If you haven’t listed your class or student blogs on these wikis… YOU NEED TO! New Zealand Edublogs [add under classroom/students blogs] Support Blogging - Worldwide [add under ‘list of bloggers’ > Classroom Blogs]
  9. 9. You can also use those two wiki resource pages to connect with other classes throughout NZ or the world! Simply allow your students the opportunity to comment on selected blogs, make contact with the teacher with an idea, and the sky is the limit!
  10. 10. Connections in action •Interviewing another classroom via Skype •Collaborating on a topic/project •Sending a ‘classmate’ (soft toy) to another school - either within NZ or worldwide •Blog buddies - class to class •Individual blog buddies (virtual friendships)- e.g.. year 7/8 students and year 2/3 students
  11. 11. Reflection Critical reflection is an important component of any learning process. How can blogs be used to facilitate and promote reflection with my students?
  12. 12. To teach is to model and demonstrate. To learn is to practice and reflect. What do you do on a daily basis to allow your students to reflect?
  13. 13. Best practice = Past practice Reflection = Future Practice Image credit:
  14. 14. Why reflect on blogs? Reflection is usually something done in solitude, where we reflect inwardly. The power of using blogs to reflect is that they are open and visible. The reflection is able to be shared and is available for others to comment on and give support to.
  15. 15. Reflecting before learning Questions, wonderings I predict… An idea I have about… What if… I wonder… A question I have about…
  16. 16. General Questions to ask • What was the greatest learning you’ve had today? • What struck me today? • What else would I like to know about this? • What did I do well? • What could I have done differently? • What did you find interesting? • Think of 3 words that summarise your learning today…
  17. 17. The discussion tab The discussion tab on a wiki is a hugely under-utilised resource where conversations can take place. Like a message board, it could be used as an alternative to commenting via a blog for ease of communication.
  18. 18. Worldwide Collaborative Projects Collaborative projects are a great way to get involved with other classes/schools around the world. They are usually free to be apart of and can be varied. It’s great to find a simple on to start with or find one linked to a topic you are studying.
  19. 19. Examples Voices of the World Salute to Seuss E-bears - soft toy exchange between countries Hands around the World
  20. 20. Where to find them… Imagiverse Activities 2007/2008 Global Collaborations Online Projects 4 Teachers Technospud Projects
  21. 21. Forum What can you share about your experiences in blogging so far? What great ideas have you put into action?
  22. 22. Thanks Feel free to contact me if I an be of any assistance. I’d love to see how you’re getting on! Rachel Boyd, Nelson Central School
  23. 23. Live hyperlinks and other resources @