Making Social Bookmarking Delicious 2008


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30 min show and tell type presentation for Marlborough Girls\' & Boys\' College teachers on social bookmarking (focusing on using the updated delicious as of August 2008)

August Teacher Only Day - Marlborough ICTPD Learning Cluster

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Making Social Bookmarking Delicious 2008

  1. Making Social Bookmarking Delicious! Rachel Boyd Nelson Central School
  2. Ever need to find a website you know you’ve visited but you just can’t seem to find it?
  3. You might be pretty savvy with using your “bookmarks” or bookmarks “favourites” features favourites BUT…
  4. what if you weren’t using your regular computer?? You could be at school or at a friends house…
  5. What you need is an online space where you can collect all your bookmarks favourite websites!