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During my analysis of existing soap posters I found that they also follow the route of the eye theory. The most importantf...
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A Level Media Studies: Poster Analysis


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A Level Media Studies: A2 Media Advanced Production
Poster Analysis
An element of my A2 Media Studies coursework.
The full project, including all poster design and analysis, can be found at

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A Level Media Studies: Poster Analysis

  1. 1. During my analysis of existing soap posters I found that they also follow the route of the eye theory. The most importantfeatures follow this line. With this in mind I stuck to this convention by placing the most important characters along this In the existingline. First Jessie, who is the main character of the soap. She is the first thing the audience see and the prominent member products I foundof the cast. Next is Billy, the mysterious character, also important in helping to develop and build storylines. Following that colour wasalong the line is Zac, Jessie’s boyfriend who will also be one of the most important characters in the soap. In the middle of often used on thethe poster is the Hatton Park soap logo. This is central on the route of the eye as it is the thing that links all the smaller posters to connotepictures of the characters together. Following the route of the eye next is Ryan, who is also mysterious in the soap. feeling, atmosphere and/orConventionally the emotions. I usedmise-en-scene this convention byused in posters keeping some ofshowed the background ofpersonalities, my poster white.setting and As my poster istherefore hinted at advertising a newstorylines that soap, using whitewere going to be in makes thethe soap. I chose to atmosphere verybreak the fresh and bubbly,convention of inviting newhaving a viewers to comebackground image and watch the newon my posters in soap. The boldorder to create a colours of the textfresher and bright also help to createfell about the a happy andposter. To put welcomingacross atmosphere.personalities of thecharacters costumewas used. Thesporty malecharacters were Conventionallydressed in posters used shortstereotypical laid and snappy slogansback casual which would beclothing. The nerdy remembered bycharacter of the audience. I In the posters I analysed i found that the name of the soap, the date, logo and institutionElizabeth is shown chose to use ‘meet logo is conventionally placed in the terminal optical area. This is so that it is the last thingto be wearing the new year’ people see and it sticks in their minds. I chose to partially use this convention by placing myplainer boring which fits in with slogan, date and time and intuition in the terminal optical area, to be remembered by theclothing. this convention audience. However, I broke this convention by putting the logo for the soap in the middle of the poster, this is because the poster is introducing the new soap and I wanted the bold logo and also fits in with to be be at the forefront of the middle of the poster and run through the route of the eye the purpose of the nearer the beginning. I wanted it to be bold and noticeable and therefore it would be linked poster- to advertise with the other products instantly which would also show the logo. and introduce people to the new soap. Also following conventions I used the border colours of each character to connote personalities and atmosphere. The blocks of colour behind each character are used to connote the personalities of the characters. Light blue to show the cold and cool Jessie. Billy has a grey neutral background, which reinforces his mysterious role in the trailer and soap. Zac has a blue background which is very masculine and shows him as ‘one of the lads’. Sarah’s orange background shows her as a happy, bubbly person. Elizabeth has a black background which shows she is dark and mysterious. Ryan’s green background is also a masculine background, showing him as a sporty character.