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A Level Media Studies: Magazine Cover Analysis


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A Level Media Studies: A2 Media Advanced Production
Magazine Cover Analysis
An element of my A2 Media Studies coursework.
The full project, including all magazine cover design work and full analysis, can be found at

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A Level Media Studies: Magazine Cover Analysis

  1. 1. During my analysis I found thatMy soap listing poster follows the convention of listings magazines used a lot ofthe route of the eye as it follows through all the rhetorical questions to address theimportant features of the magazine. It starts of audience directly. These got thethe masthead, which is the largest thing on the audience involved and would makepage, which the audience see first to identify the The masthead is the main piece of text on the the reader feel like they weregenre of the magazine. It follows through to the page, other than the main coverline. It is placed talking straight to them. Thismain image of the main storyline featured on in the primary optical area so it is the first thing intractability would be appeal tothe page. This is fitting with the convention of the reader looks at. It stands out. The reader is my type of audience. By using ‘Canhaving one or two characters involved in the able to see the masthead and know that this is a YOU win’ the audience would feelfeatured soap. The route of the eye then follows soap listings magazine, through the brand of ‘TV challenged directly.through to the other teaser storylines featuredon the magazine, along with the barcode. weekly’.For customer convenienceall magazines When displaying theconventionally feature the price I made this inprice, bar code and issue bright and bold coloursnumber. I continued the use as the low price isof these on my magazine to something that wouldmake it look more be attracting theprofessional and included audience once theyall the smaller features such have picked up theas these that magazine magazine. Using ‘only’would have conventionally. makes it seem like a kind of incentive for the audience as they feelMany magazine layouts are like they are getting adesigned to have an good deal.asymmetrical offset to theright. I followed thisconvention as they keycoverlines are kept to theleft so they are seen on The main coverline isnewsstands in shops when conventionally just onethe magazines are layered or two words; this is toon top of each other on the keep it short andright side. snappy, something that would attract theConventionally the barcode reader’s attention ifis placed in the ‘dead’ areas they glanced at it in aof the cover. This is shop. By using the wordsomething the reader ‘Betrayed!’ it helps todoesn’t necessarily need to create a feel of thesee, but it is essential to dramatic storyline thathave on all magazine the magazine will detail.covers.Throughout my research I On many of the existing magazines I found that colour was used to In the terminal area Ifound that all magazines connote the storylines advertised. Red and black connotes danger and placed anotherfeature many soaps on the mystery, a convention I stuck to for the ‘Murder?!’ teaser placed on my coverline. This wascover, not just one. I stuck to cover. The fresh white and blue colours went well with the idea of somethingthis convention as the having a ‘New cast’. I also used yellow and black which are particularly continually seen inmagazine would then appeal autumn colours, to link with the ‘Sneak Peek! Autumn shows’ coverline. all magazine covers Ito a wide range of audience saw. It is the lastnot just the 11-19 intended On the magazine covers I analysed I found that conventionally the main place on the route ofage audience of my soap image on a soap listings magazine was of one or two of the main the eye, and the lastHatton Park. Using four characters. This would be something that is instantly recognisable with thing that the readerteasers from other soaps the reader. I chose to use the two main characters of my soap Hatton would see.meant the cover could be Park, as they are the main focus of the storylines in the soap. I found Therefore it wouldappealing to others who are that most of the magazines have the characters looking directly at the stay in their mind asnot necessarily attracted to camera from a mid shot on covers; this creates a direct relationship they turn the pagewatch Hatton Park. with the audience and builds a connection. of the magazine.