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Hatton Park pitch


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Pitch for Hatton Park. Trailer, listings magazine and poster.

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Hatton Park pitch

  1. 1. The Pitch -Soap trailer-Listings magazine -Soap poster
  2. 2. Conventions Soap Trailer Listings Magazine From my research I found that soap listingsFrom the three soap trailers I analysed I magazine are almost always cluttered on thefound that they conventionally hint at front page and full of bright bold colours.upcoming storylines in a way that is They use a variety of fonts, combined withappealing to existing viewers and new blocks of colours to highlight the coverlines.viewers. They do this by showing all the This makes the magazine appealing to thecharacters involved, camerawork and target audience who are often busysound helps to ensure continuity, that the homeowners, and a cluttered from covertrailer makes sense to all viewers. Trailers would catch their eye in a shop. There isinclude cuts of scenes from the trailer, often one larger main story featured in theplaced together in a way which explains centre of the page, with other articlesthe storyline and builds up interest (pictures and coverlines) from other soapswithout giving the ending away. bordering the main image. Soap Poster From my research I found that conventionally soap posters involve very little text, the main emphasis is placed on a large picture, involving all the characters. The text used does include the soap name- which in my case I plan on it being used in connection with the school logo, the time, date and channel that the soap is being shown. The posters I analysed all had large pictures covering the whole of the page, showing the main characters and hinting at the relationships between the characters.
  3. 3. Target Audience Soap Trailer Listings MagazineThe target audience of the soap trailer The soap listings magazine I will produceis both males and females aged will be aimed at a wider aged audiencebetween 13 and 20. We decided to than my other products. This is becauseuse this target audience because all soap listings magazine are aged at athere is not currently a soap in large audience- to appeal to everyone,production solely to appeal to these whilst featuring the different soaps thatpeople. From the research I carried are aimed at all ranges of people. I willout I found that these people want to be following the conventions of existingwatch soaps that deal with the real soap magazines to ensure my productlife issues that they face- the want will be successful.something to relate to. Soap Poster The soap poster I will produce will be aimed at the same audience as my soap trailers- 13 to 20 year olds, both male and female. It will clearly show the characters involved and the relationships that are going on between each other. I will be following the identified conventions of existing soap posters to ensure my poster meets its purpose of advertising the soap. It will also include the date, time and channel the soap is being shown on which has been carefully chosen to appeal to the target audience best.
  4. 4. Soap TrailerFrom our research we found a gap in the market of thatthere are no soaps aimed primarily at teenagers. We deviseda plot outline of our soap being set in a school, to exploreteen issues, following the everyday lives of a group ofteenagers.We then made our own script, story board and shot list.From this we could then join all our ideas together to makethe strongest audiovisual product possible.Plot outline:The outline of our soap would follow that it would be set within a school and be focused ondaily life and troubles that school leavers face- such as exam stress, relationships, birthdays,deaths, drugs etc. The outline of the soap trailer would be that it is advertising the soap fromthe beginning rather than a particular storyline or episode, it will introduce the characters.We plan to have 6 main characters that the soap will follow the lives of- 3 male and 3 female.Each of these will have different relationships to the other characters which will be exploredwithin the soap. The trailer will introduce these characters walking through a hallway at theschool they attend. From the trailer we will see who is the stereotypically popular group, sportygroup etc. and they ways the characters interact with each other.
  5. 5. We think that our soap trailer will be successful because:- We have found a clear gap in the market of soaps in production. There is no soap currently that is aimed at primarily young people, nor is there a soap that explores the issues that we propose to show in the concept for our soap. The trailer introduces this concept and will draw in the audiences attention.- The soap will be following 6 main characters. These will all be relatable to the target audience as they fall into different stereotypical groups found in a secondary school. The trailer will be used to introduce these characters. When the viewer is watching the trailer they may be able to pick out someone that they in particularly feel a connection with, and then would want to watch the soap to see how things progress.- We will be using the location of a working secondary school and sixth form college. This will be relatable to the target audience as they watch somewhere that is familiar to them.- There is a large range of potential storylines that can be explored. Many of these are hinted at/previewed in the trailer we are going to produce. We think that as the viewer gets a taste of the storylines shown in the trailer they will want to watch the soap to see how it is developed.
  6. 6. Possible storylinesWhat storylines could be explored/previewed in the soap trailer we produce?
  7. 7. Listings Magazine Cover From my research I found that soap listing magazines do not feature just one soap on the cover. For my planned layouts of the cover I chose to use one main image and cover line (which will be the soap we are producing- Hatton Park) which will then be bordered by 5 other images and article teasers. These will be made up of 4 different fiction soaps, which I will be taking pictures of characters to include on the cover as if it was real. I chose to use this many soaps as it keeps the magazine coverbusy and cluttered, this was something clearly evident in existing magazines. Using avariety of soaps to advertise means the magazine will appeal to a large range ofaudience, not necessarily just those interested in ‘Hatton Park’. I will use bright coloursand short, snappy coverlines which will stand out to the reader.
  8. 8. My soap listings magazine will be successful because:- It will feature a wide range of soaps, not just one. This will make it appeal to a larger range of audience, who may be interested in particular soaps, or many. If the reader is interested in existing soaps, they will buy the magazine and then be introduced to the new soap- Hatton Park. The magazine will then serve its purpose to advertise and gain viewers to the new soap.- Having the main image as an advertisement for Hatton Park will gain interest for the soap. It will be one of the first things the reader sees on the front , and may gain extra viewers for those who may not have seen the trailer on television.- It will use the stereotypical conventions of existing soap listing magazines. A cluttered layout, short coverlines, bold pictures, bright colours and a recogonisable brand will appeal to those who buy these types of magazine regularly.
  9. 9. Soap PosterMy soap poster is going to be designedmainly to appeal to the specific audienceof the soap. Each of the characters willbe used, the poster showing therelationships and connections betweenthem all.By using the six characters it introducesthe audience to the soap, and the maybe able to pick out certain charactersthey like the look of/dislike straight away.Certain characters will be holding props,that may introduce them and give aninsight the their personalities. The brightcolours and familiar props will attract the audience.The main purpose of the poster is to advertise the time, date and channel thatHatton Park will be shown. This will take up the entire terminal optical area of theposter to make sure it is the last thing the view sees and that it sticks in their mind.
  10. 10. My soap poster will be successful because:- The poster will be able to advertise the soap to the audience directly who it is aimed at. It will be able to meet its main purpose which is to gain viewers for the new soap.- It will do this by appealing to the audience through recognisable personalities and props. The poster will introduce relationships between characters which may be familiar to the viewer. Props used will be those conventionally seen at a secondary school, viewers may see it and find them instantly recognisable to them and find common ground with them and the character. It will show the running themes that we are going to explore in the proposed idea for the soap.- Advertising through a poster means it can reach the audience direct. It will be a placed in other magazines, shopping centres, busses- the places that the target audience visit regularly and will therefore gain interest.