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Slideshow for my social media class on Nicholas Sparks

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Nicholas Sparks

  1. 1. NICHOLAS SPARKSCreated by Rachel Adner
  2. 2. BACKGROUND Born in Omaha, Nebraska on December 31, 1965 Has 2 siblings, one sister and one brother As a child, his family moved all over the United States finally settling in Fair Oaks, California Attended college at Notre Dame as a part of the relay track team and broke school records Married his wife Catherine in July 1989 He now lives in North Carolina with his wife and family
  3. 3. WHEN HE STARTED WRITING In1985, his freshman year at Notre Dame, Sparks was injured and spent the whole summer recovering. He wrote his first novel that summer, but it was never published. He wrote his second novel the same year him and his wife got married, 1989, but that one was never published either. In 1994, over a period of 6 months he wrote The Notebook and it was sold and published in 1996. From then on, he wrote several more books, all of which were property of Warner Books/Grand Central Publishing
  4. 4. HIS BOOKS Sparks has written 17 books, including a nonfiction memoir with his brother All were domestic and international best sellers and were translated into 45 different languages. His books have made over $80 million worldwide All his books are set in North Carolina, mostly around the coast, in Hampton, Edenton, Rodanthe, New Bern, Pamlico County, Swansboro, Beaufort, and Wilmington Sparks says he chose love stories because the genre had little to no competition
  5. 5. BOOK COVERS These are a few of his most popular books, he has 17 all together
  6. 6. HIS MOVIES Out of his 17 books, 7 of them have been created into films The Lucky One The Last Song Dear John Nights in Rodanthe The Notebook A Walk to Remember Message in a Bottle Sparks says he does not have any involvement in the casting, budget, locations, etc for the films, he is only responsible for the screenplays.
  8. 8. CONNECTING WITH SPARKS -- The official fan page to keep up with all book, movie, and author related news @sparksnicholas – Sparks’ personal Twitter @NotebookThe – Movie quotes, facts, and behind the scenes information from the movie @NSparksNovels – Get more book, movie, and author related news
  9. 9. OTHER WAYS OF CONNECTING Sparks also uses a few other social media outlets WhoSay - a service that helps artists, athletes and iconic personalities connect with their fans. When you see someone posting via WhoSay, you’ll know that it’s real, authentic messages, photos and videos coming from your favorite people YouTube – posts many book promotions as well as the newest movie trailers
  10. 10. SPARKS & PHILANTHROPY The Nicholas Sparks Foundation – founded to support the causes and charities that are important to Sparks. The Epiphany School – Located in New Bern, North Carolina, a place for children from all backgrounds to learn in a Judeo-Christian environment. The school was opened in 2006. New Bern High School & Track in Eastern NC – Sparks has donated thousands of dollars to help build new tracks and acquire new equipment for the runners.
  11. 11. WORKS CITED