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Idea book


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Idea book

  1. 1. IDEA BOOK By: Rachel Watson 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction 3 Location types 4 Lighting 7 Unique Ideas 10 Post-Production 13 Techniques Branding 16 Websites 19 References 23 2
  3. 3. Introduction I have always enjoyed the fashion industry, looking at fashion magazines, different designs and fabrics that are used. I have always been attracted to more avantgarde designs or designs that a little out of the ordinary. I focus my photography in the urban, fashion photography genre. I love to take any type of clothing from casual to formal and locate an urban scene and model that I can utilize to support the garment that is being showcased. I enjoy being able to create scene that include a story within each frame. I draw elements of inspiration from famous fashion photographer, such as Annie Leibovitz and David LaChapelle, but I alsodraw inspiration from life and my environment as well.I explore different moods in my images to support the story through lighting and other technical skills. Another area that I have recently gotten into in some post-production techniques using creative filters to get different looks from my images. I like to include these techniques to further push the contrast and sometimes at a surreal look to the image or even add some of the traditional darkroom techniques in the my creative process. I find that I receive influences everything from traditional art to life that surrounds me. I enjoy being able to convey messages through my images. I have even been known to add messages in my images about society or mirroring society and life. This is an element that is strongly influenced by David LaChapelle. 3
  4. 4. Location Types When I am producing urban, fashion photography the locations are very important to the success of the overall image. I like to use a lot of color in my images so I love to incorporate street art and other colorful items in a cityscenes. I do not want these environments and perspectives to become stall, so it is always important that I am exploring a variety of possibilities in one area while exploring different areas within the city to get the widest ranges of urban possibilities.I use environment that include old dilapidated buildings, to buildings with paint falling off the walls, to chain link fences, to dumpsters that are painted with street art. The idea of including grit to create an edgy image is fascinating to me and the possibilities seem endless.Finding sites that other photographers do not know about are incredibly helpful to provide a new perspective and add a new idea along with a new scene to remain fresh is a key to my success in creating a unique brand. Finding locations that include a variety of objects that make sense in the scene without adding a lot of distraction can be a challenge. I like to include these kinds of environments so I can use different focal lengths and different depths of field. These different focal lengths will place focus on the other elements in the scene to support the overall story or place more focus on the model and the garment/accessory and have the objects in the scene support the garment/accessory. 4
  5. 5. 5 These are different types of locations, not specific areas in town, but rather ideas to add variety in my portfolio. These two images have a lot of grit to them and adds to an element that is not in my portfolio already. They also have a lot of interesting texture and contrast.
  6. 6. 6 The idea of having model as a mannequin in a store window is fascinating to me. The b/w treatment on the image brings out the contrast. The graffiti along the background and the leading line brings the viewer in without the model competing with the background. Lighting the model using backlighting gives an interesting look in a gritty environment.
  7. 7. Lighting Lighting is critical to creating photos with intention and that convey a specific mood. My images range in mood and this depends on the story within the frame. I create stories in single images as well as stories within series for editorial fashion series. Sometimes I use strobes, other times I use natural light and others I use some lights in the scene that intentionally add an odd color of light, such as a streetlight, to add to the drama and tension in the scene. I have created some images that have almost a Technicolor feel to them, but it adds tension in the scene like some older horror films. There are many ways to add lighting in a scene and there are endless styles and tools that a photographer can use to produce a mood in an image, but it is necessary to approach each scene as its own and to focus on the overall mood that is necessary to perpetuate the message within the scene. Getting influences in lighting techniques from photographers like Annie Leibovitz, since she is known for he ability to create all different kinds of moods with lighting is another aspect that will assist my brand and story building. Understanding ways to accent specific parts of the scene, garment or accessory will show my technical ability as well as my creative abilities. Technical skills and being able to have a variety of lighting techniques can open me to more potential clients that want different moods to their images. One campaign may want an urban gritty feel, but have an overall message of freedom in the images, whereas another campaign may want to have a urban gritty feel with a darker theme. This will give me ability to create either series. 7
  8. 8. 8 The first image is backlit, but the color of the jeans is still deep blue. The lighting in the second image really brings attention to all the details on this accessory while adding a nice reflection. The lighting in the third set of images, shows a split lighting effect, as well as a reflection technique with motion blur that highlights her face.
  9. 9. 9 The first image has a soft golden light giving the overall scene an old- world look. It also shows off the lines of the model and garment. The golden lighting on the gymnast allows the shadows to contour the face while placing focus on her facial expression. The third photo is very dramatic lighting coupled with a behind the glass technique without looking blurred.
  10. 10. Unique Ideas I always like to produce work that does not look like others. I want o make sure that my brand and ideas are what are treasured by potential clients. I really look to David LaChapelle for his courageous perspective in many cases when he is able to create images from his creative perspective and that is what clients want, ‘a David LaChapelle image’ that includes his overall style. Annie Leibovitz also has a technical lighting style that I also appreciate. These two internationally known photographers are hired for their brand and style. I aspire to create my own unique style that finds influence from other photographers and artists, both contemporary and historic. I also desire to use influences from unusual places. When I see objects, design or ideas that are unique, it gives me inspiration in my own style. Finding inspirations in media and books to influence my stories in my images so that I create unique images is vital. I want to create stories in the images that people find compelling and/or can relate to. Unique ideas are endless and seeing what others do in ways of producing images and marketing pieces that help them stand out in their market genre influences me to think of my own ideas that are unique and can assist me in my market genre. The unique ideas can range from the perspective at which a photo is taken, colors schemes that are chosen, design elements that are utilized, to the ability to create images that have influences from traditional art, such as surrealism or pop art. These techniques can add to the overall unique look of a photo or photo series. 10
  11. 11. 11 The doll effect on the first image is a unique take on a fashion portrait. The second image focuses on providing a fantasy feel using lighting to highlight the model in the scene as a root. The third image provided an interesting use of composition and lighting to look like the model is being picked up by a shadow hand much larger than she is giving the scene a surreal look.
  12. 12. 12 The avantgarde’ doll is compelling with the joints in the knee and the pose to add to the drama of the scene. The woman emerging from the page of a magazine is really unique and add a lot of interest to the image. Using the handbag as a face to the model is very unique and makes the viewer look twice.
  13. 13. Post-Production Techniques The way that images are developed in post-production gives images even more variety than what can be captured straight from the camera. I produce images that have unique characteristics, but then when I add different creative filters to the image the overall look of the image can change from a regular urban, fashion image to an image that is urban fashion, but it also looks surreal since the saturation is pushed to a slightly unnatural level or I add the watercolor filter along with a couple of other techniques to create a specific effect that is desired to match the over mood and message that the image is attempting to convey. Using post-production tools can help me achieve specific creative results through a better understanding of possibilities that allows me to create a niche in the fashion market. Being able to incorporate post-production techniques into another aspect of my brand can help separate me from the masses in fashion photography. Some post-production techniques can soften an image, whereas other post-production techniques can add to edge of the image. This can assist in perpetuated the story within the image that is part of my branding. I have used film grain in a series of images to add to the drama in an editorial urban fashion scene that featured love, lust, cheating and violence. These post-production techniques really helped drive the overall story and added another level of grit to the ’dirty’ actions in the frame. Without the post-production technique, the grittiness in the series would not have held the same appeal and story would not have been as strong. 13
  14. 14. 14 I really like the post-production techniques that adds a colorcast and an emphasis through highlights, as well as an example of compositing and a more a surreal look.
  15. 15. 15 The post-production technique making the fairy image look like fantasy is interesting. The wings look natural. The image in the middle has an interesting colorcast and the way he in ghosted in is interesting. The surreal part of this image is compelling. The way the stair of blue spheres are floating in the air, but it looks completely natural is interesting.
  16. 16. Branding Branding is essential to photography businesses since there is so much competition in the field, and there is even more competition in the area of fashion. This is one of the most popular genres of photography and one of the most difficult to break into. Branding my photography business is critical to having even a part-time fashion photography business. It is also critical that my images are different than others within the industry so I am hired for my creative and unique perspective on fashion photography and ability to produce quality images with a purpose. Understanding the best ways to position myself in the fashion photography field is vital to my success. I need to consider multiple ways to market myself without having a large marketing budget. Incorporating a good website design and ways to place my website on the first page in Google is important for potential clients to find me on the internet. Having the ability to reach potential clients via social media is important to help drive more potential clients to my website. Understanding which social media tools are going to assist me with this goal will help me save valuable time and resources. I also need a unique business card that I can hand to potential clients that leaves an impression with whom I network. Lastly, it is important to have a small book in print to have a leave-behind item that could draw a special client that may want to see printed work or to leave a lasting impression. 16
  17. 17. 17 I found some business cards and two postcards. I like how the images bleed to the ends and the contact information in small, but legible allowing the images to shine. These also had logos on each piece of marketing material. I like the unique leave behind item of a branded chocolate bar like a business card. This will leave an impression.
  18. 18. 18 These business cards focus on the product, the photos, but it still adds branding and a logo. The images are also colorful, drawing the viewer in. The brand book is a way for Rachel Watson Photography to analyze its place in the market to further support its branding and penetration in the photography market. This book could be very helpful with online marketing and specifically social media. This can help be broaden my marketing abilities.
  19. 19. Websites 19 Websites are important in the marketing of any photographer these days. It is even more important for a fashion photographer since printed portfolios are out of fashion in this part of the industry. It is important to have a website that focuses on a target market while placing emphasis on the photographs. It is critical to have a website that is easy to navigate and captures he the intended audience. There are many ways to set up a website and color schemes that can be used. This section of the idea book will explore a variety of different styles of websites that includes different layouts, color schemes and different fonts. This area will also explore how the photographs are laid out. The portfolios can be formatted in a variety of different ways. This section will explore the various layouts for the photographs and the tabs that can be utilized to access this portion of the site. Having a website that potential clients can navigate and find the style of images that the potential client is looking for is important. The image on the home page is the image that will draw a potential client into the website and lead him or her to the portfolio that is being researched and the contact information of the photographer for hire easily. Understanding how to create a website that allows the information to flow in a clear and understandable manner is incredibly important to having a successful business. It is also important to understand the transition from one image to another to produce a website that potential clients will be attracted to .
  20. 20. 20 The websites look very professional. They place emphasis on the photos on the home page. The typography on these sites really show branding. The navigation links to other pages are clear as well.
  21. 21. 21 This website focuses the most on the photo sample on the homepage. The typography is interesting and provides a type of branding. There are links to navigate from page to page, but the emphasis is on who the photographer is and what types of images he produces. The emphasis is on the photo on the front page and the site is simplistic, so the colors or borders do not compete with the scrolling images. The middle websites shows published works on the home page while focusing on the images.
  22. 22. Resources The folders that I have included have a variety of different resources in them including photographs, artistic influences, fonts, design layouts, post-production techniques and other similar influences. These resources were found on different websites and other parts of the internet. This areas is intended to include these different sources in MLA format according to the 2013 MLA handbook. My overall influences come from various parts of life and sometimes may seem out for sorts or even unrelated, but creativity and unique perspectives are influenced by art, life, society, politics and so much more. These influences come from anywhere. Art has also been known to mimic or mirror life or is also known to make statements. I find these stories compelling and psychological influences in media compelling and telling about societies’ perspectives on safety, economy, etc. For example, there are many films and media about dystopia since people feel unsafe. Knowing that these influences can come from any source, it is my intention to provide as much information that is available to access my sources for my inspirations that I have found to help me create my unique brand and demonstrate my unique approach to fashion photography in a clear and concise way. 22
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