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WordPress Multisite myth buster


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10 myths about WordPress Multisite and why they're false. The text is a a bit odd in places - entirely Slideshare's fault, not mine! Links from these slides are on my blog at

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WordPress Multisite myth buster

  1. 1. WordPress Multisite: why it’s better than you think it is Rachel McCollin, WPBhamUK 29 June 2016 @rachelmccollin
  2. 2. Myth Number 1 “Setting Multisite up is tricky”
  3. 3. Myth Number 2 “I have dozens of sites. I can’t possibly run them all on one Multisite network”
  4. 4. Myth Number 4 “I can’t host large, complex sites on my Multisite network”
  5. 5. Myth Number 5 “It means all my sites being on the same domain”
  6. 6. Myth Number 6 “It’ll affect my SEO”
  7. 7. Myth Number 7 “It’s bad for security”
  8. 8. Myth Number 8 “My backups are going to be HUGE”
  9. 9. Myth Number 9 “I’ll never be able to move my sites”
  10. 10. Myth Number 10 “There are no benefits to outweigh the hassles”
  11. 11. Questions? @rachelmccollin