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AlphaSimple product pitch


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Short slide deck for pitching AlphaSimple

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AlphaSimple product pitch

  1. 1. AlphaSimple Rafael Chaves Abstratt Technologies
  2. 2. Problems in Software ProjectsSuccess rates are dismal (Standish Group’s 2009report: 44% late/over budget, 22% cancelled)Key causes: gaps in requirements andinefficiency in building solution
  3. 3. Typical development processRequirements are often wrong (fuzzy, incomplete,incoherent)Design is pie-in-the-sky (anything goes)Implementation is an inefficient, manual (lacksconsistency, predictability), decision-heavy process
  4. 4. AlphaSimple is an enterprise software tool that avoids gaps in requirements andstreamlines development by focusing on the business domain
  5. 5. Two dimensions of enterprise software Business TechnicalSubject processes technical architecturematter entities design patterns attributes and relationships programming idioms constraints best practices actions queriesExperts Customer (end-users), business Developers, architects, DBAs analysts (as proxies)Variability Business domain, organization Technical architecture (business (technology agnostic) domain agnostic)
  6. 6. Development process with AlphaSimpleApplication is designed thoroughly (validatingrequirements)Generated prototype is tested by BAs/customers(validating requirements and solution)Application is implemented (manually/generated)from a solid design model
  7. 7. BenefitsImproves communication between stakeholdersReduces rework significantlyIncreases estimation accuracyImproves acceptance ratesStreamlines implementation